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  • Location: Dallas,Dallas,TX
  • Cost: $105 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Close to advertised speeds, mostly reliable connection"
Bad "Horrible communication, misleading information, dishonesty"
Overall "Avoid at all cost!"
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Hello all,

Please allow me to relate my tale of woe, courtesy of TWC. Fair warning: it will be long winded.

First off, I should mention that I have been a TWC customer for about a year, using only their internet services. Other than "an outage in your area" disconnects, which IMO happened too frequently but not enough to get too upset about, I was happy with the internet service. I was locked in for one year at their 30/5 level for $52.05/month (total cost). Had I stayed with just this service, I would probably still be a satisfied customer.

I received a call from TW telling me I could receive a digital phone / max turbo (50/5) package for $99/month. Upgrading to max turbo internet by itself was also going to be $99/month, so we were basically getting the digital phone for free. At the time of the phone call, We used Uverse television and an old fashioned POTS phone line. Now, I've never used digital phone before, and really didn't know what that even meant. I asked the rep, and she said it was really just a formality - that TW would take ownership of the line and phone number from AT&T. I asked if there would be any physical changes to the line, and she said no, that the technician would just have to come to the house to verify that a dial tone was heard.

Now, I feel stupid for trusting the rep, but this is their job, right? After all, I am just the unknowing end user. Huge mistake, and I should have known better.

The tech arrived on time (Monday morning, 3/12, around 9:00). He reset the modem to upgrade the internet speed, and then set up the phone line from the modem to the phone. I realized what I was getting was VoIP, which I didn't have a problem with, though I knew then the original rep didn't really understand what she was selling. The tech tested the phone, and determined there was a conflict - in his words, both AT&T and TW were trying to access the line. He said he could solve the problem by disconnecting the AT&T line, went outside, and came back in a few seconds later. Problem solved. He seemed in a hurry, I signed off on his work, as everything seemed to be in order, and he took off.

Three hours later, a family member informed me that our Uverse TV was not working, as it could not detect a signal. I realized that by the tech disabling our phone line, he inadvertently killed our TV service. I went to look a the box, but there was no obvious RJ-11 port unplugged, and that's as far as my knowledge goes, so I called up TW to tell them what was going on. I spoke with the dispatcher, who told me that the tech would be back out sometime that day, though my time frame was "all day", so it could be sometime that evening, and I would receive a call in about a half hour to let me know what time he would be returning. That seemed more than fair.

Three hours later, I had not received a phone call, so I called and spoke with a different dispatcher. She had me on hold a long time, told me she couldn't get hold of the tech, but that they did have it in their notes that he would be returning that day to correct the problem. I told them that was fine, that I just wanted to make sure he was coming that day as I had been previously told. Yes, he was.

Fast forward an hour later, I get an automated call saying my appointment had been scheduled between 12:00 - 4:00 on Thursday (remember this is Monday). I did not confirm this appointment, and back to the waiting game with TW support I go. I speak with another rep, and he tells me there was never a ticket created and that no one coming back out that day. I tell him what the last dispatchers told me, he says he sees it in their notes but that no one is scheduled to come out. My blood is starting to boil at this point, and I ask to speak to his supervisor. Supervisor gets on the phone and contradicts everything the previous rep has just told me - yes, someone is coming out that day still. They had to create a ticket and give it a timeframe for their system use, but he (the install tech) would be in touch. I thanked him and hung up. I went to sleep around 11:00 that evening, shockingly, no phone call or home visit from the tech.

Tuesday morning, call up TW, tell a very sweet rep my sob story, she is angry too and wants to help me by connecting me to a supervisor she trusts. I speak with her manager who listened to me and created an escalated ticket for me. He told me someone would be in touch with me around lunch time to give me a status update. 1:00 rolls around, wouldn't you know that I hadn't heard anything back. Call again (for those keeping track at home, this is the 5th time I've called in now the 7th person I've spoken too). The CSR tells me that tickets take between 24-48hrs to process, I tell him I'm supposed to have an updated ticket and ask to speak to his Supervisor. This is when I got the pleasure of speaking with the lovely Joe.

Joe tells me that since we do not have video services with them, and my problem pertains to video, they cannot help me and I would have to call AT&T. He doesn't seem to care that it's because of their technician that I'm having problems in the first place. He tells me that if the technician had to disable the line for their services to work properly, he did as he needed to do, and it is the responsibility of AT&T to inform us if we need a phone line connected for services to work. He certainly didn't care that the original rep called me and sold me something that wouldn't work with my current system, as it wasn't their job to understand the inner workings of competitor products. He disagrees with me when I say that's exactly their job as a salesperson when it relates to this field, as I went from something which worked fine to having no TV, all at the discretion of a salesperson who said I could get bigger and better and said my line would be unaffected. I ask Joe if they will at least make an effort to better train their staff before selling things which they shouldn't be selling. Joe couldn't care less.

I called AT&T after that, and scheduled them out for Friday. I got a package with TV, internet, and digital phone. The only reason we got rid of Uverse for internet was because of the proposed data cap, but as of this review they do not seem to be enforcing it in my area. Here's the kicker - the AT&T tech informed me that the TW dude CUT - not as in unplugged, but physically cut the phone line coming into our home. He had to spend an hour fixing it. Un-freakin' believable. So yes, five phone calls, eight people, and lie after lie, and I'm done with this company.

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