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  • Location: Hilton,Monroe,NY
  • Cost: $198 per month
Good "Customer service, Tech's, Uptime."
Bad "Installtion time frames, wait time for the next appointment, VOD, Guides. "
Overall "Better than frontier on its best day. The price is a little steep but the uptime is amazing and you cant find better tech's."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:


My contract with the telco for my T1 & PRI phone service was up and i ordered the "All the best package" from TWC, Digital cable, Digital phone & Standard Road Runner. somewhere in the neighborhood of 120$/Month

That was my first cable services install. i was very impressed with the tech & installation. everything worked great. Cant remember any major outages or tech visits after that point for a very long time.


The Arris combo voice/Data modem i had decided it did not want to produce dial tone anymore, During the tech's visit to modem swap i asked what higher speed packages were available to me & decided to upgrade to turbo. Once again i was happy with the speed & still experiencing little to no outages & had a pleasant tech visit. Paying around 140$


Started experiencing issues with everything. Slow & dropping internet connection, Cable box reboots & pixels like crazy.

Started with new boxes, and a new eMTA & Cable modem. Problems still not solved. in talking to some neighbors i wasn't the only subscriber with issues.

My case was escalated to a supervisor & eventually escalated to line department. Not happy about the situation but impressed with how my problems were handled. I was put on a retention package and my bill was cut in half for 12 months. I was promised the line department would be making its way to my street to fix the problems ASAP.

A few weeks after that i woke up to my services working flawlessly & later noticed the single silver/gray cable line on the poles down my street was now 3 or so black lines & some new green alpha boxes appeared after that.


Moving to a new home, Set up a Moving installation a month a head of time. everything checked out on both ends. The move in date came and went 9/12/2009.

No one showed up. Called to see what had happened and was told that my appointment was bounced out of the system because my address is "not serviceable" and i had to have a site survey done. Very upset at this point. My new home is rural but i can clearly see out my window a cable tap that all my neighbors are connected to, Not to mention the cable that is already on & in my house.

9/28/2009 The site survey is done, i talk with a very nice confused surveyor who cant believe he is here.. he lets me know what i already know and apologizes for the inconvenience & makes a call for me while he's still in my driveway.

Now im stuck with no connection to the outside world. My cellphone doesn't work until i walk down the street and since i was planning on using digital phone i didn't sign up for frontier, Im forced to sign up for DSL & Home phone temporarily until my new TWC install date of 10/16.

10/16/2009 is my installation date. Once again no one shows up, Now im given ANOTHER installation date two weeks out and a bunch of BS, To add insult to injury im really getting to experience the best of frontier so i really know i don't have a choice but to put up with the nonsense because living with the DSL is just not an option.

I still have all my equipment from the old house & i decided to hook it up despite being told not too and that it wont work.

Well it worked. even my old telephone number that i was told i had to change was working just fine. That two week installation date turned into a 3 day away installation date after i called and let them know everything was working.


Everything has been working great since my installation debacle. No outages or anything for over a year.
Very pleased with everything.

Docsis 3.0 has arrived to my market & i have upgraded to the "Extreme" internet package. 30/5
I wasn't home for this a family member was, Cable express did the work. I was given a brand new Motorola modem & my Webstar was left just as the eMTA.

Not impressed. Cable express ran a new splitter for the Motorola & Webster and left everything ungrounded and not secured. Speeds are no better than turbo. Time Warner had to come back to address grounding and speed issues. everything was grounded and my outside buried drop was replaced.
Speed issues still persist. Not pulling anywhere close to 30/5 its more like 15/5. Finally a tech arrives who wants to work & make it right. Finds leakage issues & severe signal loss on my lines. He calls in another tech and they pull all new rg-6 cable for my house, New drop & new modems & boxes. Finally getting the speeds im paying for. Paying 160$


Experiencing issues with all my services intermittently, Internet speeds are terrible & having trouble placing phone calls.

Numerous tech visits and a supervisor sitting in the van all night watching TV have narrowed it down to the line department. My issues have been forwarded to them & i was given a decent promotion for my troubles.

Turns out the people across the street lost the neutral line & were grounding through the cable wire until that burnt through, Once the line department changed out the tap everything went back to functioning normally.


Loving all my services i have now but my promotion is ending and i will soon be paying 280 something for just what i have now. I have no desire to downgrade so after careful consideration i have ordered signature home.

Install time was quick. I already had the D3 Modem and my first DVR was the Cisco whole home so all that needed to be installed was the second DVR & traps on my line for the Moca.

during peak times i don't pull speeds lower than 54/4 & at best i have tested at 70/5.

The whole home DVR works just as advertised. The extra storage is fantastic. My only complaints have been the speed at which client boxes access content, The "Please wait" is a little irritating. And of course the speed at which the boxes clunk along at is definitively a negative. TWC is pretty far from competing with any satellite CO when it comes to boxes but its not anything to cry about.

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twc is the worst company i have ever dealt with. i am disconnecting them. they are horrible.

Hilton, NY

Re: worst

Well your certainly entitled to that opinion.