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Review by Marcotor See Profile

  • Location: San Bernardino,San Bernardino,CA
  • Cost: $145 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "GREAT installers, happy and friendly"
Bad "service policies"
Overall "If you are in a FIOS area, STICK WITH IT, I am GOING BACK"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Haven't had any type of legacy cable in years. Always went with FIOS which had always been rock solid. Looking to save a few bucks, we went with TWC SoCal, and what a mistake it was. Speeds fluctuate up and down all day, some pages load quickly, others c-r-a-w-l/ Tech support consists of 1. Reboot your computer and 2. Reboot the modem (which is so locked down to the user, I cannot even change the DNS or other settings I normally change).

Luckily I am in a no contract situation, so I can cancel this mess ($39.99 trip charge to add a channel tier?).

Update 9-7-2012: Well, a default setting in the SBG6580 (why this is a default is beyond me) was what was causing the speed problems, so I will add one star. So far, so good there have been no slowdowns, even during prime time congestion that is so common on cable.

Update 10-19-2012: Well, now I have to reboot the modem every hour or so to restore connectivity. Telephone support is the usual non-help when I can understand what that are saying. How many times do I have to say rebooting my computer does NOT solve the problem???? All of a sudden everything just stops and DNS timeouts abound. Checking the modem, power and s/n levels are fine but traceroutes fail. I am starting to think FIOS wasn't so bad.. had 2 more rooms for almost the same price and NO modem rental fee, plus they would come fix things in a timely manner.

Update 10-27-2012: I'm done. The Verizon installer is here. My 145/mo has turned into 197/mo. Verizon gives me more rooms (we have 5), reliable internet speeds, and the cost is lower.

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Redlands, CA

Well, now

After the truck roll to add BASIC channels, the pingtest result is... 90% packet loss! Tech Support I could hardly hear or understand suggested rebooting my windows computer (which I don't have) then was out of ideas. Thanks for nothing!

Rockaway Park, NY


Yes, I been customer of time warner for over 8 years and always had highest available internet package but lately they treat me as dirt, packet loss problems for over 3 months and nothing is done about it, the problem is clear, noise on upstream channels, packet loss on upstream channels and overutilization at peak times yet nothing is done even for long time customers who pay for the highest tier internet packages. Time Warner is definitely company to avoid nowdays.

Redlands, CA

Done Done Done

Keystone Cops could never figure out my connection issues. Verizon is here! Never should have left my reliable, solid connection and without the gotcha fees.

Really? 4.95 a month for "home wi-fi"?
3.95 "Modem rental fee" for the provider to bring me service I already am PAYING for?

TWC = Worst ever

Fremont, OH
·AT&T U-Verse

Re: Done Done Done

If you want to avoid the $4.95 for wifi in your home, provide your own router. For the $3.95 modem fee, it varies by area. Many of the TWC areas are $2.95 and will never change. If you want to avoid those fees, provide your own router. But I agree, $4.95 for them to support their router isn't worth it since they're not putting WPA on them.
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