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Review by Core0000 See Profile

  • Location: Somerset,Pulaski,KY
  • Cost: $36 per month
Good "A stable connection"
Bad "Price and options suck, upload speeds are pitiful."
Overall "I've got em, because the other option isn't any better"
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·Time Warner VOIP
Okay, here is my deal...

I had ChaterCable, they sold out and NewWaveCommunications bought them, Then TimeWarnerCable bought NewWave's stake in this state? Is that the best way to put it?

So I have no experience with a new setup with Time warner.. Didn't talk to them etc.. It was all NewWave.

My speed is 10/1 mbps. I paid 31.99 I believe on my old bill.. recently went up to 36.00 a month.
They state it was because they are investing in infrastructure. But my upload speed didn't get bumped up to 2megs or even 5 megs.. So I guess this is something I'll wait and see on.

I pay a modem rental fee.. of 4 bucks a month. Even though it was NewWave equipment.

This has a been a decent stable connection. Although I've noticed on Fridays and the weekends, my connection seems to go down hill, because I'm online trying to play multiplayer games, and it seems like latency jumps or whatever.

Wish I had FIOS, or Fiber to the home. latency is such a huge issue to me. It has to be cost effective though. I'd be willing to pay like 1000.00 USD to have FIOS installed to my home, as long as the monthly service charge were okay. Like lets say 20/20 MBps connection for 50 bucks for everything, no monthly modem charge. I'd deal with that. But its not even an option where I live, and I live in decent size city. Its got a huge medical complex...

If you read my review and wish to know anything else, I will do my best to answer.

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10/1 TWC Standard

i just received my first bill on my 2nd year new promo contract. the mickey mouse math shows that *FULL* price for 10/1 Standard is $68 before a $21 discount. the 1 year new promo price is $55 before a $25 discount. thus, $30/mo new promo contract.