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  • Location: Summerville,Dorchester,SC
  • Cost: $250 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Internet is fast and steady"
Bad "No competition so the price is way too high, Cisco DVR is not great"
Overall "I have no choice, they are the only provider for Internet in my area"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Install was typical. Installers had no clue what DHCP was, no clue if the router was wireless N or a gigabit. I helped them with the network install to get things moving. Once the modem connected I tested and was getting 50meg down which was perfect.

They had nothing but problems activating the DVR for the premium channels. Numerous calls to their customer service was not going anywhere. They were ready to leave and gave me a phone number to call if the premiums did not come on. I refused to sign the paper work and made them stay until all the channels were working. It took almost an hour to resolve.

They also were not familiar with the DVR. I asked how big the hard drive was and they had no clue. The installers were polite though and nice guys, just not well trained.

When they left I realized they never reviewed the phone service with me or even gave me the phone number. I had to do my own research for setting up voice mail and retrieval. Easy enough but that should have been covered during the install.

When I ordered on the web it said I was entitled to a $250 gift card from Target. After the install I asked about it and was told it's only for the $99 deal. So I spend $250 a month and they rip off customers who pay more.... I tried calling them and they would not budge.

11/2012 (3 months later)
Internet is rock solid. I'll give them 2 thumbs up. Service is solid and the 50meg speed is there during peak hours.

TV service is disappointing. Pixelation is so bad at times the channel just freezes. The DVR's lock up often and are really buggy. When two shows are scheduled to record at the same time and you are watching a prior recording the channel changes and it loses the place were you were with the recording. You now have to FF to where it left off. WOW is that stupid. RW and FF are laggy making it difficult to position where you want.

Phone is usually ok but we have friends who claim they get a message that we are not available. I can't recreate the issue so I don't what side is to blame.

My major complaint besides the TV and DVR is their pricing. It's so damn pricey and it's all because there is no competition in the area like FIOS or ATT uVerse. For $250 bucks I don't even get STARZ or the HD Plus pack. When I had FIOS in NJ I got all the channels for $180 with 2 DVR's.

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