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  • Location: El Paso,El Paso,TX
  • Cost: $50 per month
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I live in El Paso, and got this service in June. I have the 20MB Internet and Cable TV package. Twice in the last month I have had issues with the internet speeds. In the mornings and evenings I am getting less than 1 MB speeds. When the technician came out he said the colder weather was causing the issues on my street. He said they are working on it and it should improve. Days later it did improve. But 2-3 weeks later I am experiencing the same problems. The internet speed this morning and last night was around .60MBs. The difference this time is the Cable TV is also having issues. The last 3 days some channels are lagging and freezing up. But because I don't watch a lot of TV I did not know that this problem existed over a week ago. One of my recordings from 7 days ago is lagging so bad it is not even watchable. I called Friday to report my problems, but even though I have no decent internet connection or Cable TV, the still can't come out until Monday.

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