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  • Location: Wake Forest,Wake,NC
  • Cost: $99 per month
Good "It way better than DSL"
Bad "Tech support can be stupid some times"
Overall "Better than DSL, but if you can get FIO's or the like do it."
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·Time Warner Cable
They are the only game in town that makes it to my address for cable. It was way better than DSL at first and still is, but the fact my AT&T 3G cell phone for many month's worked better than my 10/1 plan was just no good. I had about %60 packet loss, but good luck getting them to fix it if it look's "fine" due to you having a fast PC or they hot fixing it by rebooting the modem for the 5th time that same day.

DSL was just unusable most of the time due to a very bad modem they would not replace no matter what. At lest after a week or so with calling time warner cable they replaced the modem and now I don't have any packet loss.

The last tech was good and replaced the modem with out trying to blame me for once. But most of the time they will say of kinds of just stupid stuff that I could not even make up even if I wanted to like that a AT&T H+ cell phone at 3-5 mbs avg can do more than a 10mbs cable line and that's why you can't load a web page/as fast as the 3G cell phone. How did he even come up with that one. Can he not do math or is a AT&T 3G phone tethered faster than a 10mbs cable line by a lot.

Any way it now works for the most part and it's not that bad if you can deal with all the stupid techs they seem to have. But if I could get a FIOS connection I would do it right now.

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