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  • Location: 91745-2638
  • Cost: $58 per month
Good "Stable & reliable"
Bad "Expensive"
Overall "Better than average"
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My Other Reviews

I only have the choice between TWC and Verizon (slow) DSL--FiOS is in the area but unavailable for me.
I ordered the 50 down/5 up pkg. I get 51/31 on speedtest.net--latency 5-12 depending on host site.
I got my own Docsis 3 modem, Motorola SB6141.
I initially was only getting 20/2 like my old pkg. Got sent to second or third tier tech support. He finally figured out that the original person who set up my acct. had put in the wrong modem model number. Everything is fine now.
Still hoping that FiOS will become available.

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