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  • Location: Mooresville,Iredell,NC
  • Cost: $148 per month
  • Install: about 12 days
Good "Internet works well, phone is a phone and TV is OK and not as good as DTV but the bundle cost less."
Bad "Promotions and sign up is a pain. Inconsistent information and a lot of wasting time."
Overall "Don't believe any promotion. It's gonna cost more than the advertisements says and the price will change with each person."
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Already with TWC on basic internet (about 12 megs, consistent and reliable service) and wanted to reduce cost from DTV/Vonage. TWC advertised their triple bundle for only $99 which when compared to DTV, TWC and Vonage separately would reduced by combined cost from $198. After making 3 calls to customer service, I received three different answers as to the program and realized the promotion was a deceitful lie. The $99 promotion was only for service and include no equipment nor DVR services. So, by the time I finished the order jumped from $99 to $125 but I said OK. Then the service guy shows up to install and says the cable cards are not available in this area and the next thing I know, the cost has now jump to $155 per month with only a $19.95 installation fee. But, I say OK as it is still less than the combined $198 - an annual saving of over $500. Oh... but the surprises are not over yet. The bill finally shows up. They added additional fees to activate the phone and port the number from vonage for $60 and added (which I specifically declined) voice mail to the phone service for $3.95. Of course, I studied the confusing details in the billing, called and complained about the phone charges. They removed those charges and the remaining monthly charges were about $10 less than the service guy quoted. Final bundle turns out to be Internet $27. phone $28 and cable $93. This is all not under contract and I can cancel at any time. Now I fully expect they will gradually push numerous rate increases through without clear warning.

In summary, the product itself is fine and internet is good. The customer service and wait times stink to high heaven and create real heartburn. I'm wondering how long it will take me to forget the pain of shifting service to TWC. I'm not sure it was worth the $600 dollars in annual saving, offset by the wife's pain of having to learn a new remote control.

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When you encounter lies during initial sign up....

Why did you relent when they gave you false information?

You should have firmly insisted that they honor the initial deal they gave you or you should have cancelled immediately.

The crap these companies pull is not going to stop as long as people tolerate it and pay up.