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  • Location: Athens,Athens,OH
  • Cost: $50 per month
Good "no problems in three months on 2nd time w/ twc. directsupport forum was a big help"
Bad "horribly oversold/oversaturated network 1st time w/ twc"
Overall "after docsis 3.0 upgrade, zero problems literally. as of now its best option in town"
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Install Co-ordination:
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Value for money:

here it is twc or frontier. horizon fiber is making its way in, however its absurdly expensive with a long contract for low speeds/money. quoted +$100/mo 3yr contract in Albany for 5/1. if you know of anything about frontier, you know to stay away unless its only option. so i choose twc.

lived on the east side. 2011 twc was unusable during peak time. 3-8% ploss, getting 2-5mb down on a 15/1 turbo plan. classic case of oversold/congested network and nodes. worked with direct support forum on this website for two months straight to get it fixed. a twc tech was my neighbor, eight houses down my street, and came over for one of the service calls. commented to me he had the same problems, could do nothing to fix the problem, only check the drop/wiring. the irony!

direct support gets a strong B. they had average response times, claimed the problem was fixed when no measurable progress was made, and were a little unorganized. i am also not sure they fully understood the line monitors, web100 tests containing advanced metrics, and traceroutes i provided. however, they worked well with local techs, seemed to try their best, and guided me easily through troubleshooting. end result was credits to account, and the issue fixed via citywide upgrade to docsis3.0. lived there five months after fix, had no more problems, then moved to columbus.

came back to athens in december 2012, this time on the west side, still with twc. no problems at all.

installer called before arrival, was nice.

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