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  • Location: New York,New York,NY
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost: $300 per month (24 month contract)
Good "None"
Bad "Outage once a month"
Overall "Stay away from TWC"
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We have a business account with Time Warner Cable. Paying a whopping $300 per month in NYC for 50/5. Cablevision charges less than half for the same speeds on a business account

We only get 10 Mbps during the day

There's an outage going on since last night! And it's been over 24 hours!!!!!!!!! The office is on 39th and 7th Ave. No surprise with the outages, this is a once a month occurrence. Unbelievable. I'd be embarrassed if I were them. Fios is coming into the building by the end of the summer, guess who will be switching out faster than you can blink an eye!

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Extremely Poor TWC Customer Service

TWC attempted to lure me back by sending a TWC Relationship Manager to my home with the promise of better rates locked in. After listening to his litany about how things improved, and that he would provide personalized service by handling any issues that I may have going forward, I agreed to return but only for internet and telephone at this time because I was locked into a contract by another provider.

On the day of installation, none of the services that he outlined to me were provisioned nor was the correct modem installed. I called him which resulted in no action on his part but my having to go to the local office to obtain the correct modem. Moreover, I had to call tech support to set up telephone service as the new modem was not correctly provisioned in the TWC system using my own cell phone minutes over an hour.

Adding insult to injury, when I tried calling this RM again, all my calls went to a generic voice mail. I had to negotiate an ala carte package with Retention to try and mimic what this guy promised. They could not give me what he promised but could come close, though. I reluctantly agreed. No calls from this RM were ever returned, nor emails from Retention to him answered about his promises which also included a $100.00 Gift Card being a new customer again.

Finally, TWC advertises Bill Float to help pay your bills. I tried to use this service, and Bill Float told me that there was a problem with my account information and that I had to contact TWC. I contacted TWC Billing who had no clue about this service, even the supervisors. I spent several hours trying to resolve this issue to no avail. TWC finally told me it was a BF problem.

In conclusion, why do I have to be the one doing every one elses job by spending my own time on the phone from the RM to the Billing Department? This is NOT enjoying the TWC experience.

What is a shame is that TWC is so large that they do not have one person who can take ownership from the beginning to end of a problem but different departments. Moreover, if you talk too long on the phone, you eventually are disconnected, and no one can provide you with a call back number. You would think that they would call YOU back?

That being said, I am cancelling my service asap, and taking advantage of the money back guarantee, and returning to my former services provider.

TWC states that Customer Service improved. It is now worse than before. Once again TWC, you lost a customer.