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Review by MCheely See Profile

  • Location: Yucaipa,San Bernardino,CA
  • Cost: $34 per month (12 month contract)
Good "Price, Free Modem, Dependable for the last 5 years no problems"
Bad "At First None, Resently, Customer BAD Service"
Overall "Internet Access Has been Down 5 weeks now BAD support"
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I have been a customer for around 5 years, Zero Problems.

Came home and wanted watch something on Streming TV, DSL Down. Tried all the normal stuff, power down than back on, check cables & filters, etc. Call Tech Support, could not repair problem, DSLExtreme sent me a replacement Modem. Did not fix problem, problem is the Phone Line, DSLExtreme Tech opened a service order tp check out the line. This was 4 weeks ago. I have not heard anything from anybody except when I call, The reply is they are waiting for Verison to call back. But they still charged my Credit Card for the Monthly Payment and added a Yearly charge for Dial up support, I don't have a Dial up Modem, Have not for 5 years.

What is going on with DSLExtreme?

I don't want to change providers but may have to. My hope is that some one from DSLEXTREME reads this and I get some thing that resembles customer service.

Help Please!!!!

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Cleveland, OH

Outsourced & Wholesale

This is what happenes when an actual ISP is bought up by a company that's only in the business to sell Dial-up to customers and provide wholesale DSL accounts to other ISPs. They in return decide to OUTSOURCE their support and network. DSLX is now owned by Ikano and all things moved to Utah. Everything was migrated over to Ikano and DSL is a "virtual" ISP now.

You'd be better on moving to another 3rd party ISP or calling ATT or Frontier directly and getting DSL.

Queen Anne, MD

Re: Outsourced & Wholesale

ewww sounds like hottboiinnc is a disgruntled ex-DSLX employee?

At any rate...

1. You posted your review on the wrong company. You posted under a web hosting company. I will PM Nick though so he can address your issues.

2. There is a DSLX forum here, might be faster for resolution.

3. DSLX has outsourced their first tier of support not their network or higher levels of support.

4. The OP hasn't mentioned ATT or Frontier so that is a totally useless suggestion.

Fremont, OH

Re: Outsourced & Wholesale

Actually Hottboiinnc is not a former employee of DSLX, its how the company appeared to be operating when other people have been posting similar issues. And as far as Frontier/AT&T, AT&T covers far more than AT&T so T was suggested.

DSLX is still outsourced regardless, first level or higher. Also the company's MAIN and primary service is NOT retail HSI, DSLX is owned and operated 100% by a wholesale company, Their business is wholesale, not retail.

And by operating as a wholesale company, yes, they have outsourced their network to Ikano, Especially when a wholesale ISP is not required to have a network, only a RADIUS server that is tied into the "ATM cloud" to AT&T or Frontier. There is nothing else to do besides a connection to the Internet.

DSLX also charges a surcharge on the bottom line to hide rate hikes. That when questioned, they blame on AT&T as passing it on to them or that AT&T charges it as well, which is not true.

Chatsworth, CA

DSL Extreme

Hey MCheely! As wirelessdog has helpfully pointed out, this isn't really the best place for such, as you're actually having trouble with your DSL connection (not hosting difficulties). Fortunately, he brought this to my attention so I can help out, but remember that you can always send me a PM directly yourself, too.

We're currently working with an escalation team over at Verizon. Very simply, some of Verizon's records got messed up and they basically lost your circuit, so we're waiting for them to get their relevant database restored to stable working order so we can get you back online. The dial-up connection was added as a courtesy until we do get your regular DSL connection back up (the cost has already been credited back, you don't need to pay for it), and you will of course be credited for the downtime once we do get your connection restored.


Re: DSL Extreme

Sorry I posted in the wrong area.
Thanks for your reply, it is great to hear from some one at DSLExtreme with a reply other than " I don't Know " or " I will call you back tomorrow", and not hear anything the next day.
This is the first time I had any problems with my service. I can't believe the service I was getting. No one when I called said anything about Verison having any problems with their system.
No call backs, anything.
The only way I knew DSLExtreme was still in around was when the charged my credit card.

Thanks again.