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Review by patt2k See Profile

  • Location: Ridgewood,Queens,NY
  • Cost: $233 per month
Good "Price is not Bad!"
Bad "Very Few Dropped Calls"
Overall "Overall Great!"
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Update : 9/9/2011

Yesterday I went to live chat and asked att rep to switch me from iPhone plan to smartphone 4g (h+). I see no difference but I can see I am on the 4G plan because it doesnt say service provide but att global network on the speedtest I am located in Queens , NY

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I have family plan with 4 people , I used to be on iPhone , 2 others are iPhones and last one is windows phone 7.

I live in New York in Queens area and just wanted to share my review with you guys on att. For this review I tethered my H+ AT&T (although I have to call AT&T to put me on 4G plan since I had the iPhone) the phone I am using is Samsung Galaxy S2. Result

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Last Result:
Download Speed: 7285 kbps (910.6 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 436 kbps (54.5 KB/sec transfer rate)

it looks like speakeasy is doing better on speedtests.

For a mobile phone why would anyone need more speed ?

this is more then enough for streaming radio watching some youtube and 2GB cap is just fine for that use (good enough for lots of radio facebook email you name it)

AT&T works well in Queens,New York it's not a bad choice I was previously on T-Mobile.

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