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Review by caribconsult See Profile

  • Location: Mayaguez,Mayaguez,PR
  • Cost: $50 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Very fast"
Bad "a little pricey"
Overall "Way better than Sprint 3G"
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Connection reliability:
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I was a Hughes satellite customer for way too long. I switched to Sprint via Millenicom about 3 years ago and that worked well until recently, when the service just fell off the table, no doubt due to tower congestion. I switched to AT&T when they introduced 4G service in Puerto Rico (where I live) and it was much faster. The 5Gb cap was a bit of a bother, but since I was paying Millenicom $70 a month and the AT&T was only $50, with a $10/Gb charge for overage, I figured I could have 7Gb for the same price I was paying Millenicom, and I can live with 7Gb...we have two computers on our home LAN and it works for us.

The really good news is AT&T apparently just upgraded their equipment and now we can have LTE service instead of the HSPA+ we were getting before and the improvement is stunning. My download speeds are as high as 12mbps, and usually in the 5-7mbps range.

Ordering was a breeze...I just went to the AT&T store, picked up the gear and had it working that afternoon.

UPDATE ON ROUTER USE: There have been major advances in 4G compatible routers. Cradlepoint routers now fully support 4G I had the CTR500 but it was not always dependable...lots of tech support calls, operations grew increasingly erratic until I finally upgraded to the CBR450, which works well with 4G and the Sierra aircard. See CP for a list of supported aircards/modems

Since I already have two LinkSys access points, I got the router without WiFi, and connect everything via an 8 port switch and the Netgear EOP for one of the access points. .

LATEST UPDATE (April 2013) 4G service here continues to be good. AT&T opened a new tower about 3-4 miles from my house and my signal level has jumped seriously. Speeds settle in at around 4-6Mbps which is more than adequate, and AT&T has announced new, bigger data plans: 10Gb for $80 (previously $100) and 15Gb for $110 ($150). Not too bad a deal if there are no other options, which there aren't.

UPDATE July 2014. The Cradlepoint router I was using, the CBR450, finally went south...all lights lit, apparently connected, but no IP coming out. After speaking to CP, who told me they no longer make that model, I bought their new model, an MBR95, which works nicely. The WiFi is stronger, so now I use its wifi instead of the old LinkSys WRT54G. Makes for a simpler setup.

UPDATE AUGUST 2014. My old LinkSys WAP finally got obsoleted! Several of our newer devices, like tablets and phones would not connect correctly via the old WAP and according to LinkSys is was a question of validation (??) and the cure was a newer WAP. I got a nice almost new WAP610 on Ebay and it works perfectly.

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