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Review by bkwyatt98 See Profile

  • Location: Martinsville,Martinsville City,VA
  • Cost: $181 per month (2 month contract)
Good "AT&T's HSPA+ is very fast and competitive to LTE. Their LTE speeds blow everything out of the water."
Bad " AT&T's LTE network is still struggling to catch up to the likes of Verizon coverage wise."
Overall "Whether you are in a HSPA+ are or LTE you will love the speed and service"
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I have a family account with an iphone4 and a galaxy note with hot spot. For the most part my area gets 4 mbps downlink and 2 uplink. It does not come close to Verizon's LTE but I am very happy with my coverage and speeds I have no plans to ever switch my phone service to another company. Call quality is much clearer than Verizon or Sprint.AT&T is a little bit cheaper than Verizon but not by much, If you are looking for cell phone service AT&T is great you have to remember that with Verizon or sprint if you drop down to 3G speeds you are looking at maybe 1 mbps. My AT&T speeds are on 3G that shows how much better the network is you will always have amazing speeds unless you happen to get into a area on the EDGE network which does not happen often for me though edge speeds are about the same as I have got with Verizon or Sprint 3G.

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