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Review by PX Eliezer70 See Profile

  • Location: Hutt River
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Useful for receiving incoming calls from GoogleVoice."
Bad "Frozen in time after Google bought it, no new signups, neglected."
Overall "Late on a Friday afternoon, Google killed it (4 March 2011)."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

It is quite some time now since Gizmo5 was bought by Google.

While it is useful for receiving inbound calls from GoogleVoice, everything at Gizmo5 seems to be in cryogenic deep-freeze.

There are no new signups, tech support appears non-existent, quality is deteriorating, and the website remains quite primitive.

Outbound calls (these are paid calls on Gizmo5) take a long time to connect, and tollfree outbound calls are not connecting at all, at least in my experience. This is using an IP phone---perhaps Asterisk users have a better outcome.

Does Google really know what they want to do with Gizmo5?

It's a sad end to what originally began as the innovative SIPphone service.

***UPDATE: (4 March 2011)***

Today is the 150th anniversary of President Lincoln's inauguration (yes, we used to begin the presidential term on March 4th). It is also the Friday afternoon on which Google quietly killed Gizmo5. RIP.

***COMMENTARY: (4 September 2011)***

GIZMO-5 used the unused area code of "747" for their numbers.

But that started to be a REAL California area code, which would lead to conflicts and confusion, especially because GIZMO-5 used that pseudo-"747" on outbound CID.

Google, the new owners of GIZMO-5, did NOT make plans to deal with this issue.

The answer is clear in retrospect----

Google knew that they were killing GIZMO-5.

Because of that, there was no need to deal with the problem.

This demonstrates that Google planned WAY in advance to kill GIZMO-5.

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