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Review by bkoeni1 See Profile

  • Location: Fort Worth,Tarrant,TX
  • Cost: $19 per month
  • Install: about 47 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Once they get you working ... it really works !!!"
Bad "I'm capped at 384k due to my distance from the CO"
Overall "Expect start-up problems, keep your cool, don't get mad, don't point fingers"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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My Other Reviews

I switched to Charter Cable for my HSI service provider due to Charter being able to provide me with much faster speeds than DSL offered.

Update 03/20/2010 - I have had very stable service for the last several months because I'm capped and on an interleaved line.

AT&T sent a tech out on a truck roll around the end of September, 2009 after I kept losing sync on the modem. I had replaced the modem with a spare I had and I still kept losing sync; so I called for help. The tech made some wiring changes at the NID and that didn't solve the problem so he did some testing and determined that I needed to be capped at 768/384. I told him that I was previously capped and interleaved and he explained what had changed at AT&T. His explanation was that AT&T had been sued by several customers recently for capping customers speed in an effort to provide them with quality DSL service. He explained that the customers claimed that they didn't request the cap and were paying a higher price than the price they should be paying with the cap in place. He said AT&T decided to uncap all DSL customer's speeds in an effort to avoid litigation. He said that was why I was seeing much higher speeds the first part of September, 2009. He continued to explain that at one point when my speeds increased, the number of errors on my line increased to the point where most of the data packets were in error and were being re-transmitted several times per packet and therefore the sync issues. Anyway, he ended up capping my speeds and placing my line back on interleave after obtaining my permission and the monthly cost of my DSL service was lowered from $24.95 to $19.95. All this because I'm over 14k wire-feet from my CO. I also don't expect U-Verse to be available anytime soon in my older neighborhood as AT&T ran new copper from the CO to my neighborhood at the end of last summer.

Update 9/17/2009 - My speeds have increased! This happened back in July, 2009. My speed tests began showing 1000+/384 and have been running 800+/384 for the last two months. I didn't make any changes on my end. I did notice that there were several problems with the modem losing sync above 1000. Good work AT&T.

Update 3/27/2009 - I've been paying $25.00 per month for the last four months on the Express plan. I was offered a lower rate when I changed some of my options on my land line. My connection has been excellent for the past year as I've had no outages at all. I'm still capped at 384/384 but recently, my speeds have been running 353/322 (Speakeasy Dallas speedtest). I've not had the need to contact customer support recently. All of the telephone cables have been recently updated (replaced on the poles) in my neighborhood which has increased the stability of my connection.

Update 3/16/2008 - I've been paying $34.95 per month for over a year now for the Express plan and still capped at 384k. I have a second landline here at my home that I use for monitoring my alarm and voice and the AT&T online application that you use to see if DSL service is available in my area tells me that it is not available for the second line; so I realize that I am really far from my CO (line distance).

As far as service is concerned, I've had a very stable connection and stable (slow) speeds up and down for well over a year now. I've not had to contact AT&T support at all. I changed out my ADSL modem from an older Westell Wirespeed to a Speedstream 5100 after the Westell failed and have had no problems at all.

Update - I agreed to another 12 month commitment at the $14.95 a month rate and am being billed for $28.58 per month. On 9/11/2005, my minimum latency (as measured by BBR test) jumped from 55.2ms to 124ms. I also went from 14ms to 24ms to my first hop! Web pages were not rendered completely as some frames never loaded on non-cached pages. I received more error messages trying to render a web page than I can remember. Nothing has changed on my end. I used the SBC Direct support forum on BBR and was finally downgraded from interleaved 384/384 to fast path 192/128. Now it's slower than ever! I continued to check my latency using the BBR test and on Oct 5, my latency dropped to 67.3ms (from 122ms the day before). I just ran another latency test and it's back to 124ms.

I'm nearing my 3rd anniversary with SBC ADSL (Jan 1, 2001). My service has been very good during the last year with very few outages and few problems. My only desire is for higher upload and download speed. I'm still capped at 384 kbps due to my 14,000 ft (wire) distance from my CO. I live in an older neighborhood in Fort Worth and there is no Remote Terminal. We have older copper lines in my area. Within the last few months, my upload speed has gone from 108 kbps to 94 kbps with my download pretty steady at 324 kbps.

Everything is pretty normal with my ADSL service from SBC/Yahoo. I've had ADSL service for over two years now and have very few outages, usually whenever my pots service goes out, my ADSL service goes with it. This has happened twice in the past twelve months. Each time the problem has been external from my premises and has been fixed within 24 hours.

I've run a home-run from my NID directly to my Westell ADSL modem and installed a Siecor splitter at my NID. I continue to be capped at 384 down and am continuously experiencing about 318 down and 107 up. I have been told that I am 14,000 wire feet from my local CO. Other than the two outages mentioned above, I have had no reason to contact SBC about my DSL service.

It has been over a year now since I first got Southwestern Bell DSL (Jan 1, 2001). They raised my monthly rate from $39.95 to $49.95 after my first year of service. The first several months of service were hit and miss and SWB seemed to have problems providing me with quality service. I continually lost sync on my modem. I reported so many problems to ASI that SWB actually tried to cancel my DSL service two different times. I was determined to keep it as I really thought it should work. For the past 6 months, I have had very few problems with my DSL service. I leave my PC connected all the time and I always seem to have sync. My download speeds vary between 306 - 319 kbps (I'm capped at 384kbps because of my distance being so far from the CO). I had ASI uncap me and I immediately lost sync, so I guess I'm stuck at this speed. I live in an older neighborhood and have older telephone lines.

As far as service goes, ASI and SWB seem to have their act together at this point. The last time I called ASI and reported a problem, it was handled promptly and I really got the impression everyone involved was knowledgeable of what the other person was doing. At this point, I'm satisfied with my DSL service from SWB. I always wish for faster download speeds and I think the monthly rate is a bit high for the speeds I'm getting; but it beats the problems associated with cable.

I have left my original review in-tact below for those who are interested.

I put in my original request for ADSL via SWBELL's web page. I received an e-mail back in three days with an acknowledgement, but no install date. Received my self-install kit within two weeks. I heard nothing until an ASI tech showed up at my front door on Monday, Dec 11, 2000 to check for a DSL signal. He indicated I had a strong DSL signal and told me to go ahead with the install. I did the self-install without any problems, but I didn't have sync at the DSL modem. I called ASI and was told my turn-on date wasn't until Monday, Dec 18, 2000. I waited all day Monday thinking it would somehow sync but it never did. Called ASI back on Tuesday and they scheduled a tech to come out to check DSL signal strength again. Tech showed up on Dec 22, 2000 and tested DSL signal strength. He reported that it was too weak and he would turn in a trouble ticket with SWBELL.

The next contact I had was on Tuesday morning, Dec 26, 2000 when another ASI tech showed up to check the DSL signal strength again. He reported a strong DSL signal but a 70db attenuation on the line at the network interface. He called another ASI tech and I talked to him. He gave me two options, box it all up and send it back or he could put in a request to SWBELL to condition my line. He indicated my line was adjacent to T1s & T3s and he reported a bridge tap present on my line. I opted for the line conditioning as I knew that I was only 8913 feet from my CO. Another week went by and on Jan 1, 2001 at 5pm, an ASI tech left me a voice mail message saying that I had a strong DSL signal at my network interface and that if I could not get sync now, I must have an inside wiring problem in my home. I turned on the DSL modem and I had sync !!! My speed tests indicate that I am getting 315 kbps down and 106 kbps up. I'm paying the $39.95 a month fee for 384/128. I received the Speedstream 5260 modem. I am on PPPoE and have a dynamic IP. I configured my new mail/news account to work with MS Outlook express and this works just fine. I use IE 5.5, not Netscape. This certainly beats 56k dial-up speeds. I have had no other problems since Monday, Jan 1, 2001.

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