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Review by Trebonious See Profile

  • Location: Dallas,Dallas,TX
  • Cost: $99 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
  • Telco party SBC
Good "Worked great when it was up. Advertised speeds minus ATM overhead"
Bad "Random disconnects, tech support couldn't fix the issue even after 10 YEARS of service."
Overall "I had hoped they got the issues fixed. They did not. Have since cancelled my service."
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My Other Reviews

·Time Warner Cable
Random intermittent disconnects quite frequently during the hotter months. AT&T Tech support could not determine the issue. One tech came out, replaced the modem, checked the line, gave me his personal cell number to call when it began acting up - he eventually stopped answering the phone.

AT&T Direct forums here attempted to fix it, but there's only so much they can do when they are not the ones on-site to address the issue. It was random... random noise on the line. AT&T Service checked the line and it was clean when they checked, but the issues remained.

Ran a RJ-11 straight from the modem to the NID through a window and was still having disconnect issues -- this is not a in-house wiring problem.

Attenuation in the low 30's, SNR in the high teens, but still received disconnects. Even on Interleave.

Highest disconnect rate was 190 disconnects in 10 days. Yet AT&T continued to say there was nothing wrong with the line (and still charged me a service call).

Was on the 3mb/0.5mb plan, regularly achieved 2.6mb/0.4mb which is about what it should be minus the ATM 10-20% overhead.

Have since switched to Time Warner Cable through Road Runner and achieve a steady 31.3 Mb/s down, and 4.9 Mb/s up for HALF the cost of DSL + Phone. And, no disconnects or slowdowns.

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