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Six Month Rating

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Review by manfmmd See Profile

  • Location: Angleton,Brazoria,TX
  • Cost: $34 per month
  • Install: about 27 days
  • Telco party Southwestern Bell
Good "Constant connectivity, Great BBR.com Support No Connectivity problems in 9 months."
Bad "Terrible over-the-phone Tech Support. No longer supports Copper Loops over 14000'."
Overall "As long as you don't call AT&T when you have a problem your fine. Look in the forums first!!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

·CMA Access
1-11-03 Ordered transition through SBC.
Went as smooth as possible. The customer service reps and sales reps have a preprogrammed response to everything. Kinda annoying, but understandable.

1-13-03 DTV DSL released my line.
My line was disconnected 2 days early.

1-14-03 Started using my Dial-up account.
It took 5 phone calls to find out I had to use the full XXXXX@sbcglobal.net login.

1-15-03 SBC started provisioning.

1-17-03 Equipment arrived.
Speedstream 5360.

1-23-03 SBC Yahoo DSL up and running @10 PM
The registration website was having problems, but the customer service reps knew nothing about it. Started out at the 192/128 bottom level. I got 159/97 kbps.

1-24-03 Ramp-up process.
Ramp up process moved me up to 384/128

1-25-03 Ramp-up process.
Still at 384/128.

1-26-03 Ramp-up process.
Still at 384/128.

1-27-03 Ramp-up process.
Still at 384/128.

1-28-03 Ramp-up process.
Still at 384/128.

1-29-03 Ramp-up process.
Still at 384/128.

1-30-03 I got curious and had ARELAY check my order. He came back with the Standard Plus -S package 384-1.5/128, 5 static. I ordered the Basic Plus 384-1.5/128 dynamic. I called SBC billing, they stated that I have the Basic Package, up to 382/128. I called the SBC sales office(BIG MISTAKE). They read their CUE CARD, you over the distance, blah, blah, blah. I am ready to pay to cancel the contract and find service elsewhere.

1-30-03 Ok, after talking to ASI and EPC, I got an override and an upgrade order. Should be in on 2-6-03....I'll be back to update again then.....if there are no problems between now and then..

2-6-03 No upgrade done today. Called ASI, there was an order to upgrade, but not on the DSLAM side. The EPC was closed.

2-7-03 Upgrade done today. I am now getting 1200/109. Very happy with this.

9-4-03 Still up and running at the speed posted above. Waiting on my Upload UPGRADE.

5-4-06 Still up and running latest results 1236/306. Very few outages for the past 2+ years, considering how bad the lines are at the pedestal that feed my street.

10-27-06 Just found out that AT&T is no longer provisioning DSL past 14000' even though I've had a rock solid connection for almost 4 years. I attempted to get a second DSL line installed at my residence....NO-GO. No plans for Lightspeed or U-Verse in my area. Sounds like I'll have to find an alternative service provider since AT&T can't provide more that a 1.5/384 connection to my house.

12-14-10 Still sticking around with AT&T DSL. Got them to upgrade my profile to a 2.5-ish/512. Still rock solid over the years at this distance. I went dry line DSL back over the summer and the process wasn't trouble free, but wasn't too painful.


3/31/11 - With the new caps on the service, I have no choice but to no longer recommend AT&T as a first choice ISP. I signed on for unlimited internet and that's what I expect. Unfortunately the alternate ISP has lower caps and higher prices.

5/12/12 - Cancelled AT&T for CMA Access cable at 15/1 for $54.

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