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Review by no__1__here See Profile

  • Location: Tomball,Harris,TX
  • Cost: $30 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Very reliable connection, good latency"
Bad "Lack of bandwidth for my neighborhood; Lack of bundle or contract pricing now (though some would say no contract is good)"
Overall "Great service at an okay price"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

UPDATE (Aug 2012): Same plan, same bandwidth, same story. Would love to upgrade but U-verse is not an option. I have no idea why it isn't, since the neighborhood is not all that old and others around us have the option... Clear's latency is off-putting. I shudder to consider Comcast, but I have several times. But so far I am still on DSL. I ticked the 'value-for-money' downward one notch ($30 for 3Mbps).

Besides my lack-of-bandwidth options, I would love to change over to a dry-loop but I don't want to deal with the mess of the cut-over. Why AT&T can't simply change it "at the box" is crazy to me.

UPDATE (Aug 2011): Still using the same service. At this point would like the option of more bandwidth but my neighborhood tops out at my existing 3MB.

UPDATE (Nov 2007): Ditto April 2007. No problems, no contract. Same bundle and price.

UPDATE (April 2007): Continue to have no problems with the service. Pro plan has gone up to flat rate of $25/month (no contract). Not too happy about that, considering how much other money I give AT&T/SBC every month. Should get a bundle discount at least, even if they don't want to do contract pricing any longer (yes, I did call and ask).

UPDATE (Aug 2006): No problems to speak of, so still happy with the service. Pro plan now at $15/month.

UPDATE (Feb 2006): Have since moved, but still have Pro. Still great speeds & latency. No problems to speak of, really. The move went without a hitch (actually SBC had the DSL up 3 days early!).

UPDATE (2004): Now on the "Pro" plan (384k/3000k). I pretty much get all of that.

ORIGINAL (2003):
I have the 128k/384-1500k PPPoE plan (I get around 1300). Think it was $39 - $10 discount for 12 month contract when I signed up. I was previously using DirecTV DSL (hey -- you got 5 static IP's included!). There were some issues around the DirecTV disconnect/SBC reconnect for the DSL service, but I believe that was more a DTV problem than SBC. Other than that the install went well.

I have had a handful of outages in the past year, but most have been 5 minutes or less. The only "major" outage lasted about two days, and was due to an ATM line card problem in my RT. The only other problem was extreme packet loss (>30%) due to my pair being wet (which was repaired within 4 hours).

Overall I am very pleased with my service. I've only dealt with tech support twice, and both times they have honestly tried to be helpful. My only complaint is that they wouldn't let me cut to the chase (heh, I'm a network engineer myself) and needed to go down their "troubleshooting card".

BTW, if you have SBC and have a problem, your very first stop should be the SBC forum on this site. Great guys in there who can help you quickly.

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