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Review by dmxrob6 See Profile

  • Location: Boonville,Cooper,MO
  • Cost: $52 per month (12 month contract)
  • Telco party Southwestern Bell
Good "Uverse seems to be more reliable than the old DSL product"
Bad "Line Techs who won't do their job, Takes Months to Fix Problems (if they ever fix them)"
Overall "When things go wrong, and they will, get ready for a headache!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

After almost 4 months of terrible DSL service, static-laden voice service and probably 10 service calls, a new line ran from the splice pedestal to my house and countless tweeks to the NID and my wiring I've learned...

* Remember the old days when voice service outages received a 24-hour response? Forget about it. It's ancient history here in Missouri. AT&T technician told me they got rid of this in 2007. No dialtone? Better hope you don't have to call 911 because it might be a week before they fix it.

* What few remaining AT&T line techs that are left are overworked and under pressure to do more with less. Out of the 6 techs who worked in this town in the past, there is only one guy left. AT&T could care less about customer service -- it's all about how many folks they can layoff to make this quarter's numbers.

* If you have a problem with your voice service, forget about talking to anyone in America. Be prepared to talk to someone who doesn't understand english from god knows where who doesn't understand basic telephone terminology.

* If your DSL problem is sporadic forget about getting it fixed. Better hope half the town goes down or you aren't going to get anything solved. Bad port? Good luck getting that switched over.

* Be prepared to talk to tier 1 technicians who (if you are lucky they are American) just want you off the phone. Their solution to every problem is to "unplug the modem".

* Tier 2 support is better, but they have their hands tied. DSL Tier 2 will throw you over to voice telco support just to get you off the phone. The voice folks can't see anything to do with DSL stuff.

* Need a new line run to your NID box? Start praying. They will send out a contractor who will tear your yard up and do the crappiest job they can. Then that "new line" will lay by your NID for at least 3 weeks before anyone bothers to come out and hook it up.

* Want a refund for service interruptions? Don't expect it automatically -- no matter if your service was down for a month straight. Call up the non-english speaking support again and once they send you to the wrong department pray you get someone who understands and sends you to the right department. If you DO get lucky and DO get sent to the right department they will take care of you -- because they understand what a crappy company AT&T has turned into. The stories I heard from the American-based support folks who had been with the company for years was just horrifying.

* Oh, and don't forget the non-english speaking support folks will be on some 300bps VOIP connection that doesn't work and then take an attitude because you ask him to speak up or speak english.

In a nutshell, it has been 4 months of pure living hell getting our DSL and voice line fixed. Thank goodness for the few folks, including the wonderful line tech (who even gave me his own cell phone number so I could call him directly and bypass support) who still care. AT&T corporate could care less -- they want your money and nothing else.

Ma Bell must be rolling over in her grave.

*** Update as of 1-1-2011 ***

After AT&T finally came and buried a new line last fall, and then did some work in the junction box, we have been stable for the past 6 months. We rarely disconnect and even during weather events things seem stable. It appears that the bad line was the culprit all along.

It's a shame I had to go through such frustration to get things fixed. I did eventually get a $150 credit from AT&T after talking to some U.S.-based folks in their billing department.

*** Update as of 9-6-2011 ***

Two months ago everything went haywire again. This time I had severe static on the phone line as well. Numerous tech visits (at least 7) and no solution yet. They even sent out a retired premise tech who did a good job of updating some older wiring in the house, but didn't solve the problem. Voice people say call DSL people; DSL people say call voice people.

One tech suggested I upgrade to the new IPDSLAM service being branded as "U-verse HSI". So they will be here on Sept 8 to do that.

Very dissapointed, but as AT&T is the only game in town will have to just keep playing this game. So far have received about $70 in bill credits (but not until having to threaten to cancel).

** Update 10-7-2012 **
Over a year of unreliable connections. AT&T Corporate got involved. They could not get local field folks to do their job. If corporate can't get their own folks to do their job, what chance do we have of getting them to do anything? They would just close tickets without ever showing up.

** Update 7-8-2014 **
Swithed over to IP-DSL Uverse in 2012. Issues with bonding were causing a lot of the original problems, and new ground wires and bonding of pedestals took place after many, many, many calls to AT&T. Getting a pretty steady, reliable 12mbps service now for about 2 years.

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