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Review by weorthe See Profile

  • Location: Chattanooga,Hamilton,TN
  • Cost: $207 per month
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Super fast, no traffic shaping or download limits"
Bad "Service is new - time will tell how well it stands up as new customers join"
Overall "Faster, Better! Great service so far!"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Value for money:

Epb is the electic power provider in Chattanooga, TN. They recently started offering Cable TV, phone, and high speed internet through the fiber network they are building. I switched from AT&T DSL. The fastest speed AT&T would offer me is 3 Mbps hypothetical downstream (which was usually closer to 2 Mbps) and 384 Kbps upstream. I did not want to switch to Comcast because of their traffic shaping. I also wanted to dump Comcast for cable TV service.

I ordered the 50 Mbps speed and digital HD cable TV, for $207. (They have slower speeds for less money.) I didn't get the phone option. The bundled service prices are hugely discounted.

The salesperson on the phone was clear and efficient and didn't pressure me to buy more than I wanted.

The installation took 3 trips from epb - one to run fiber from the pole to my house (I have buried lines), one to stick a box on the outside of the house, and a final one to hook everything up. I only had to be home for the third trip. In my case they didn't have to run any new inside wiring. Installation was free.

According to the epb website speed test my downstream speed was 94127 Kbps and upstream was 49057 Kbps. Outside the epb network, speeds have ranged from 7041 Kbps to 10513 Kbps downstream. Ping times to google.com are around 26 ms.

The Acceptable Use Policy prohibits spam. It doesn't mention servers.

The mail offering is a web mail website. They block port 25. I was able to call and get settings to allow regular email to work with the third party I use. They didn't flinch when I told them I was using Linux. I was on hold for less than a minute.

I'm blown away by the speed - it's like moving from dial-up to broadband all over again. I'm also greatly impressed by the service so far!

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