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Review by MonkeyLick78 See Profile

  • Location: Hixson,Hamilton,TN
  • Cost: $58 per month
Good "Fast, reliable connection."
Bad "Nothing so far."
Overall "Great service that delivers speeds faster than I'm paying for."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

*Update* 9-12-12

Service is still 100% rock solid. I did a speed test today and found out my 30/30 package has apparently been increased to the 50/50 package at no additional cost. It's odd to actually have an isp that surprises you with something you actually want rather than another price hike.They still offer the 30/30 package on their site but I'm unable to check their pricing since that part of their site is down at the moment. They might have lowered the price of their 30/30 package and just moved all of their current customers to the higher package. Either way, I'm more and more impressed with every passing year with what EPB offers.

*Update 9-30-11*

It's been almost a year and a half and the service is still rock-solid. It feels so nice to have a service that you can completely rely on with no worries of bandwidth caps. I do 0 torrenting but still use plenty of bandwidth with legal activities.

So far the service has been rock-solid and made me a firm believer that FTTH should be available to all asap.


I've had the service for about a week and I'm very impressed so far. I ordered their 15/15 service with FiPhone basic for $68.83 a month. That price includes a free install and doesn't require a contract. They did say that if I cancel before 1 year I would have to pay $75.00 for the install fee. When I called to order it took literally about 5 minutes and that includes having my existing phone number transferred to my EPB account. I had to wait a week for the final step of the install (actually installing it inside your home) but I was fine with that since it was free.

The day after I ordered they ran the fiber from the pole and attached it to my house. About 2 days later, they came and installed the ONT and backup battery beside the power meter on my house. It was a nice and clean install with everything level and all wires neatly tucked away.

I was given an appointment between 8-9 AM on a Friday for the final step of the install. It was about 8:45 when he arrived, so they were right on the mark and respectful of others people's time. The installer was nice and answered every question I had for him. I'm a tech head and was glad he was willing and able to talk about the technology and products in such an informal way. I asked about replacing the backup battery if it were to go dead, and he told me that it has a sensor on it that alerts them in the event of a failure. They will come out to your house and replace it for free. I told him how I wanted my CAT5 cable ran to my router and he was happy to do it just how I wanted. As we were talking while he installed, he told me that EPB was the first company he had worked for that actually had briefings when he was hired detailing the level of workmanship they expect out of their installers. He said they're very strict and I would get a visit by an EPB representative in the coming days checking out the install and asking question about how satisfied I was and how courteous he was.

We did a speed test and got about 19.5 down and 14.5 up. That's pretty good for a 15/15 connection.

He cleaned up his mess and had me sign off on the job.

*EDIT* I just wanted to add that even though it's called FiPhone Basic, it's not basic phone service at all. It has Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Waiting Caller ID, 3-Way Calling, Call Blocking, Voice Mail....a lot more than you would expect for only $10.84 more a month bundled with internet access. I get more features with this phone service than I did paying almost $40.00 a month to AT&T.

*EDIT* (7-30-10) EPB just doubled my speed from 15/15 to 30/30 at no additional cost. EPB impresses me more and more as time goes by.


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Hixson, TN


I guess Comcast hasn't found that switch to flip yet to run EPB into the ground. 2 years later and it's doing better than ever.

Chattanooga, TN
·EPB Fiber Optics

Re: ..

Yeah, I just remembered to come back and update my earlier review. I have two hundred and fifty megabits into my HOUSE. My house! And it's symmetric. Comcast just can't compete.

As far as I know, in the entire country, if you want speeds like this to your house, you have to either be in Chattanooga, or in an area of Sebastopol, CA that's a few blocks wide, served by Sonic.net. (which is an awesome service; I actually slightly know the owner. One of the best ISPs in the country, no joke.)

In the whole country, two spots, and Chattanooga is a lot cheaper and easier to get into than Sebastopol.

Kansas City will eventually be hooked up by Google, but that's still a ways off yet.

Chattanooga, TN


how is the HDTV service? i still have that from comcast. i know when the tv part first went available, the channel selection sucked.

Wilkes Barre, PA

Lets see some 50/50 Speedtests!!

As it says, lets see some 50/50 speed tests!!


Hixson, TN



Hixson, TN

heres a link to 100mg service at a cost of 69.99