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Review by keithps See Profile

  • Location: Soddy Daisy,Hamilton,TN
  • Cost: $75 per month
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Fast speed"
Bad "Nothing now"
Overall "Considering the options are AT&T or Comcast, you can't go wrong"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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Value for money:

I moved into a house with a friend that had EPB fiber already installed, however he told me his experience with the install was great. The only downside to the install is you have to wait a few days as they are booked constantly with people switching from Comcast and AT&T. We have the 50/50 package and usually always get a pretty solid 50-52Mbps transfer.

Update 3-8-2011

I haven't had any problems with disconnects in the last month or so. Everything seems to be rather peachy now.

Update 6-16-11

So, I've discovered that EPB will change your IP address on a daily basis if you do massive uploading (such as 50GB or more a day). I can only presume this is to prevent you from running a server.

Update 4-4-2012

Still doing well. In the time since the last update (6-16-2011) I think the internet service has gone down a total of about 3 times, never for more than an hour or so. Have uploaded and downloaded a ton, between myself and my roommate, well over 2TB a month at times and no word from EPB.

Update 2-25-2013

In July of 2012 I moved into another residence still with EPB. I have phone and internet service (no video) with them. I have the 100/100 package which is $70/month. Phone costs basically $10 if it included with the internet package. So far, in 8 months, my service has not been down for a single minute. Did find out my poor Linksys router couldn't handle the speed though, so I had to change that. My average speed is around 115/100. Here is a link from speedtest: »speedtest.net/result/2534674092. ··· 4092.png

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Hixson, TN


The Washington D C beta server on speedtest.net is the best I've found for testing upload.