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Review by Bogtrotter23 See Profile

  • Location: East York,ON
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Easy to install"
Overall "Darn Good Company"
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Call Quality:
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Value for money:

I did not even have to give them money! I just signed up and they gave me a local number! I can go to the website and point the number to loads of places in Canada, and when someone dials the number it rings whatever number I have it pointed to, even if it is thousands of miles away!

So I can dial the number and talk to a relative almost 3000 miles away and it costs me nothing!

They treat me even better than Whistlephone, because they do not make me listen to an ad first, and Whistelphone treats me very well indeed.

The quality of the calls is excellent - sounds just like a landline!

And if I want to call someone else in Canada for free, I just go to the website and change where my number is pointing to. That's it!

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