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Review by Mango See Profile

  • Location: www.toao.net
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Overall "My email address got sold to spammers."

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I have a service that allows me to create a unique email address for everything I sign up for. That way, when an email address starts to get spam, I know who is responsible and I can block that individual email address. Lately I've been receiving lots of spam like "The ACH transaction (ID:19816583 ), recently initiated from your checking account (by you or any other person), was canceled by the other financial institution." from the unique email address I used for FreePhoneLine. Therefore, if you sign up for FreePhoneLine, I suggest you use a throwaway email address and provide minimal personal information.

From the privacy policy: "FPL, as part of the a Fibernetics Corporation group of companies, shares information with affiliate Fibernetics companies, and with specific branding partners, in this case Labatt Brewing Company Limited ("Labatt") and its affiliated companies or their agents and contractors, in order to offer customers products and services that they may find attractive."


Original review:

I only evaluated FreePhoneLine for its fax reception feature. With this feature, any incoming calls that go to voicemail that come from a fax will be converted to PDF.

On my first try, the sending fax reported success, but the received document was garbled and mostly unreadable.

On the second try, the sending fax reported failure after 23 seconds.

On the third try, the sending fax reported success, and the document was received perfectly. The speed of the successful attempt was 14400 bps and unfortunately ECM was not used.

I had similar results with different fax machines and different phone lines. (None of the faxes were sent over broadband VoIP.)

I did not provide a rating FreePhoneLine as the fax service is not advertised, not guaranteed, and I have not evaluated its service with regards to telephone use. Therefore, I feel a numerical rating would not be meaningful.

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