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Review by zadigre See Profile

  • Location: Montreal,QC
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Can't beat the price... free calling in"
Bad "support is sub par"
Overall "go get it... it's the best free phone service!!!!"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

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·Electronic Box
I've been using freephoneline for the past 5 months.
I bought the SIP settings to be able to use my account with my own ATA.
I also port my existing number after testing the service for a few days.

The total upfront cost was 75$... and that's it... nothing more to pay because nearly all my calls are made to Montreal numbers...
Later, I added 5$ in my account for future long distance charges... but after 5 months, my balance is still at 4.50$.

So far, I'm 100% satisfied with the service...
I was using voip.ms... I got some reliability problem with this provider... but since switching to freephoneline, it's been perfect!

with voip.ms, I was speeding 10$/month... now, this 10$ goes into my pocket...

I also got an other line for my fax machine... sending works fine for "free" cities... but outside the free list, I would say the success rate is 15%. receiving works for all numbers... I've been using the non-supported feature that forward all fax by email when the call goes to voicemail and this call is a fax... worked fine every time!

I'm also using my fax number as a voicemail for my cell phone... so instead of paying 12$ with my cell phone provider to get the visual voicemail for my iPhone, I'm paying for a package that give me unlimited call forwarding... so I can forwards my unanswered calls to my freephoneline fax number... voicemail kicks in after 1 ring... I PDF is sent to my email if it's a fax... a mp3 is sent if it's a voice call...

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