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Review by Hyrules See Profile

  • Location: Gatineau,QC
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Install: about 20 days
Good "No monthly fee, portable phone number"
Bad "Not for everyone. You must have a good technical background to fix the problems you might have in the beginning"
Overall "Recommended to save alot of money. Even on long distance call."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

it's a great money saver if you do and dont do long distance call. Long distance call are really cheap and if you don't do them you will end up paying 0$ per month.

VoIP is somewhat taking momentum recently. People are finding it cheaper than POTS or other type of phone line. Be aware that you need a good internet connection and a good router for it to work properly. VoIP is really touchy with quality of internet connection and home phone line circuit. That is why I specified that it's not for every one to have.

But if you are able to pass the point of finding out and fixing all the problems you might get, you will end up saving alot of money and the quality of the line is the same as other types. The initial invoice is initially around 200$. Yes it's might be alot but if you do the math you will end up saving in only 7 months.

I cannot say about Tech support as I didn't need any. ( I bought my own ATA ).

Reliability depend mainly on you internet connection. I never had any loss of service up to now.

Note that the 911 you have with them is not the traditionnal 911. You won't end up immediately at the local emergency service of your sector. it's E911. You will first have to talk the main 911 central which will dispatch you to the local one. If you have a life threatening sickness that might depend upon a 911 call i wouldn't recommend going to VoIP until the find a way to dispatch to local 911.

In the end, I will recommend it. If you have good computer technical skills you will be able to overcome the inital problems if you have some. A word of advice, get a descent router. Any basic el cheapo router you can get for less that 100$ will mostlikely cause you problems. You need a good router and don't get caught with the VOIP routers they causes more problems than they fixes.

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