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Review by fishingrod4 See Profile

  • Location: Poolville,Parker,TX
  • Business customer Business customer
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I moved to the sticks in 2006. Hughsnet was the only thing available other than dial up at the time. After about 6 months I heard about Unite Wireless. We signed up and everything was great until SKYBEAM bought them out. Our speeds steadily decreased to the point that I called customer service. After waiting for about 40 minutes I was fortunate enough to get a newbie on the line. I told him about my original agreement with UW. He was able to increase my DL speed to about 5 Mbps. That didnt last too long. For the last few years our connection is hit and miss. Right now I'm using my mobile which is limited. SKYBEAM is the worst wisp in the world. They are full of lies and deception, but they still expect your payment in full when it is due. For anyone livining in rural America, if there is any mobile provider with strong signal in your area, do yourself a favor. Purchase a data plan that will allow you to read the news at home and maybe stream a YouTube video here and there. If you think SKYBEAM is your only option, THINK AGAIN. They should be bankrupt from a class action lawsuit. THEY ARE THIEVES!!!

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