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Review by julesism See Profile

  • Location: Lavon,Collin,TX
  • Cost: $70 per month
Good "nothing"
Bad "it's been awful for years"
Overall "RUN AWAY!!!! 3G is faster and more reliable."
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My parents moved out to Lavon in 2004. At the time the only ISP around was lavonweb.net which was run by a local I.T. guy. Fast forward 4-5 years. Since this was the only option, it quickly became over saturated with too many users and not enough pipe\bandwidth. TierOne took over, I'd guesstimate about 12-18 months ago. I moved in with my parents at the end of Jan 2010. After notifying support regarding daily slow speeds, high packet loss, pings over 1000ms, and multiple outages within a 3 week period in Feb 2010, my parents were migrated to a different radio/tower. This happened on approx Feb 24 2010. Since then it's been a very enjoyable experience. No outages, no slow speeds, and pings are low and consistent most of the time. TierOne tells us they still have work/upgrades to do. I imagine many users are still using lavonweb.net resources and the lucky ones like us are using Cool Access (another WISP that was bought out by T1) resources. Hopefully Lavon will become fully up to speed with what TierOne offers and can take advantage of the different tiers and packages, including VoiP soon. We have relatives in Prosper who have Tier One and it's great. They need to get things worked out before 4G/LTE comes to town or there may be a mass exodus.

UPDATE 4/23/10

In the past two weeks service has taken a nose dive. packet loss >30% and high\spiked pings. Today our connection dropped twice and it's been horrible since coming back at around 5pm. Called support after 20 mins of downtime and troubleshooting myself and they say they know about the issue and are working on it. It's 915pm and service is still terrible. I imagine everyone has gone home for the weekend. Thank goodness I'll have FIOS in 2-3 weeks. I start a job next Monday and found an apt. I feel bad for you folks in Lavon. I'll be sure and complain anytime I'm visiting mom and dad and notice bad service.

UPDATE June 2011

My parents finally kicked TierOne to the curb. After showing my parents multiple times that my rooted Android phone acting as a WIFI hotspot was faster (and cheaper) than TierOne, my father added a HTC Thunderbolt which I happily took. I passed down my HTC Incredible to him. Everyone is happy

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