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  • Location: Greenville,Hunt,TX
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
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Customer service sucks - and that is putting it mildly. I have had their
service for several years and if it rains, the service was down for days.
If it stormed, even more. This year I started having trouble even logging
on and if I did get on, I was kicked off in no time. I called and
complained repeatedly. Finally in August this year I was told that I was
no longer in their service (3 miles outside) and that is why I was having
trouble. I asked why no one could tell me that earlier or even give me a
courtesy call that after several years, I was no longer in their service
area. Of course, they took my payment every two months and never gave a
credit for any of the outages. They are a bunch of jerks and if that is
how they treat their customers, I would never recommend them. Worst
internet ever!

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lodged 2.1 years ago


Queen Anne, MD

What type of service?

Is this a wireless service?

Cleveland, OH

Re: What type of service?

sounds like it.