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Review by ArizonaSteve See Profile

  • Location: Apache Junction,Pinal,AZ
  • Cost: $20 per month (month by month)
Good "Available by wi-fi and easy to sign up online"
Bad "It doesn't work!"
Overall "It Was A Waste Of $20!"
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I can't get broadband here at my location in Arizona so I use Boingo wifi from the RV park nearby but that went down due to all the rain and flooding we have been having. I noticed that I could now get service from a new company called Nexus Broadband Wi-Fi. They offer service in the Mesa and Apache Junction areas of Arizona for $20/mo and it's easy to sign up online so I decided to try that. The Nexus website claims they have 99.9% reliability and they monitor 24/7 but that's a lie since the location I tried to use never worked properly. While the speed seemed to be OK when I first signed up on Friday morning at 8:30 AM it had slowed to a crawl by 11:30 and was so slow I couldn't even log in most of the time after that. When I was able to get on again I ran some speed tests and got speeds of 65Kbps down/ 87Kbps up, which seems faster than dialup but but nowhere near the 1Mbps I paid for and there was a wait of several minutes to open any web sites!

Their business model seems to be putting new firmware on home routers at different sites that are connected to the internet using Mediacom cable. They use a billing system called WiFiGator that logs in customers and when they have been verified to have paid it redirects them to the internet. There are several reasons this won't work, home routers are not fast enough to handle very many customers at the same time, Mediacom cable internet never works and it will not be reliable if the individual sites are not well maintained. When I did a trace route and found they go through Mediacom I was really disappointed since I had already tried Mediacom and they never could get it working more than a day or two at a time in the 3 years that I had it.

It might just be a problem with the site near me not working but I wasn't able to use it so I have to say avoid Nexus Wi-Fi and go somewhere else.

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