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Review by ArizonaSteve See Profile

  • Location: Apache Junction,Pinal,AZ
  • Cost: $40 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Easy to install is about all."
Bad "Slower than 2G most of the time with long ping times"
Overall "Speed has dropped to 56k, slower than dial-up, now capped at 2.5Gb."
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

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There are no other options available for broadband here at my house in Arizona so I decided to try VMo since the USB dongle is available locally at Walmart for $75.88. It started out at about 400kbps in November but by the end of December it had fallen to 56k which is slower than dial-up when you consider the long 600-1000Ms ping times.

The service is just too slow to do much except check email and browse the web but a lot of web pages time out before they can load.

Satellite internet users say this is an upgrade but I don't recommend it unless that's all you can get. It was advertised as being unlimited with no 5Gb cap like others have but that was Bait & Switch. They added a 5Gb cap, then reduced it to 2.5Gb but by then it was too slow to use anymore. Even at the fastest speed when I first tried it streaming video wouldn't play and nothing else would work that takes high speed broadband either.

Also the Sprint PCS network is unreliable and has been down a couple of times already in the one month I've had it. One Friday it was down natio wide all evening. They must only have one connection to the internet in somebody's basement in Kansas. If there are any lawyers out there who want to take on a class action suit I think we should sue Sprint for consumer fraud due to selling a service they can't provide.

»www.speedtest dot net/result/1074432596.png

Update: I got an email today saying Virgin Mobile was putting a 5Gb cap on their "unlimited" service! However that's not really a problem since it's so slow I couldn't really use that much. Last month I was able to use only a little over 4Gb and I quit using it when the speed dropped to around 56k and I don't intend to renew it for more bad service so it looks like I'm stuck with an $80 USB dongle I can't use for anything.

Update 2: Now it's being capped at 2.5Gb and costs $50? Why don't they just give up and admit they can't provide service or are they making too much money cheating everyone?

Some shills for the company have made comments that it must be customer/user error so for comparison I tried T-Mobile broadband using another USB adapter on the same laptop in the same location and got pretty fast speeds of 3Mb down/1.2Mb up! That really puts Virgin Mobile and Cricket to SHAME!

T-Mobile data is INSANELY Expensive though costing $50/mo for just 1Gb of data so I was only able to afford to use it for one day to do the tests. At that price it would cost me $200 just to watch a movie on Netflix!

»www.speedtest dot net/result/1171282445.png

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