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Review by twhbhp

  • Location: Atlanta,Fulton,GA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
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I use Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go intermittently when travelling. It's
worked pretty well for a year or so. Starting recently I have had to
call customer service every time I want to connect. They say that
they've moved to a new system and it's not working correctly. Four of
the last five times I've called I've been told that the customer service
person I'm talking with has fixed the problem and it won't happen again.
I stopped believing that the second time I heard it. Twice they
billed me extra when the service was already paid up to date. I'm beginning to wonder if they just want me to leave. The symptom is that I can connect to the Virgin Mobile
login page, but I'm trapped there. When they reset something on my
account I get taken to a page that only says ESPERATE ALLI and then I'm good
to go until I shutdown the connection. Then I have to call customer
service again to reconnect. Is anyone else having this problem ?

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lodged 2.1 years ago




Connection blues

Same deal. I could have wrote your post! I guess it's time to start shopping.