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Review by cmarslett See Profile

  • Location: Pflugerville,Travis,TX
  • Cost: $52 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "As fast as AT&T DSL, portable, real customer service (real people, helpful)"
Bad "Slightly more expensive, sensitive to thunderstorms."
Overall "No service technicians needed, so I'm very satisfied."
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I had AT&T DSL until they decided to discard me as a customer (cut me off with about 2 weeks notice), tried to connect with their replacement (U-verse) - and it never connected once. Technician came out at a time/date that we explicitly told them we were not going to be home. Overall, experience was bad enough I just told them to take the modem back and cancel our U-verse service as well! I'm happy to be done with them (they also lost my land line, I switched to netTALK and never looked back).

I upped their rating for reliability: the first year I have had only four outages (one for about a day, the others for well under an hour), and no outages since the - not bad for something that depends on signals transmitted over the air. Pre-sales info is pretty sloppy, but this is an ISP after all, and they all hide everything they can. I doubt any install can compete, though. Unless you bought it as a DSL or cable replacement and have 6 inch concrete walls.... Service and value still beat any other alternative I have....

I have to say that occasionally I get 300 kbit down/300 kbit up (probably just short of losing the connection). And most days I now get only 1-3 Mbit down, 700-1200 Kbit up. That's not as good as it started out, but still quite acceptable.

Only slightly more expensive that the $40 AT&T charged for the 6000/768 that I never got, so I'm very satisfied!


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