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Review by DrData See Profile

  • Location: Longwood,Seminole,FL
  • Cost: $49 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Fast and reliable. Great alternative to Cable or DSL."
Bad "My only complaint is the latency runs about 70-80 ms."
Overall "Great service and lets me get away from monopolistic cable/dsl. Can't wait for the LTE upgrades."
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My Other Reviews

·Bright House
I switched from Brighthouse cable Internet 20/2. The Clear service advertises 3-6 Mbps average down and 1 Mbps up. I see peaks of 17 Mbps download and uploads always stays the same at 1 Mbps. The speed averages about 7 Mbps download.

I've had the Clear service for two months now with no issues. I use the service at home for web browsing, email, VPN and Magicjack.

I was initially worried because I heard of Clear capping users on plans that they advertise as Unlimited. I average 40-100 GB per month. Should they cap me I will be sure to update this review, but so far speeds are great day or night.

Tried to get the service at my brothers location and was denied stating the towers in that area are at capacity. I’m actually pleased at this because it means they're managing their network and going after quality over quantity.

Props to Clear for building their own network and bringing in much needed competition. We need a few more providers like them to drive down the pricing of broadband. Like the days of dialup and when DSL lines were open to competition consumers won.

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CLEAR Service

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