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Review by jamond

  • Location: Lake Oswego,Clackamas,OR
  • Cost: $55 per month (12 month contract)
Good "Nothing"
Bad "Terrible service, unethical company."
Overall "Avoid this company"
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Connection reliability:
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Value for money:

What a mess. This company has always had poor service. When I finally
arranged for another provider I cancelled their service. I made a big
mistake when I gave this company authority to bill my credit card. I have
cancellation confirmation dated October 18, 2012 and just received a notice
that CLEAR has billed my credit card another $110.00 on January 1, 2013. My
calls to CLEAR have not gained any satisfaction. I am now trying to work
with the bank to get them to deny the charges and to stop the authorization.

(review was emailed from domain abcinc-mail.com)
lodged 1.8 years ago


Brooklyn, NY


I sued n won a case against them and am tryin 2 collect. I paid with cash so i dont hav their banking info can u HELP, do you know what bank they use? I am willin to pay 4 this info I REFUSE 2 LET THEM GET AWAY WIT WAT THEY DID but I NEED HELP will you help me PLEASE - from 1 SCREWED OVER CLEAR CUSTOMER 2 ANOTHER