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Six Month Rating

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Review by bbhog See Profile

  • Location: North York,ON
  • Cost: $42 per month
  • Install: about 15 days
Good "Switch from DSL to Cable was flawless."
Bad "Upfront Costs of $160. Speed can slow to 5 Mbit/s during peak times"
Overall "Great service, great product!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I've been with Teksavvy for over 2 years. Over that time I've been using their dry loop DSL service and I have been really impressed. Their customer support and Tech help have been great. Wait times on the phone are minimal. No automated menu system to tinker with.

I just made the switch from Dry Loop DSL to Express Cable. I don't quite understand the Extreme package and I don't recommend it. Paying $6 more for 512Kb/s upload doesn't make sense to me, but if uploading is important to you then you may need it.

Unfortunately the start-up costs are high and if you don't know Teksavvy you may shy away from their service. You have to invest in a cable modem plus their activation fee, and you are paying for the month's service upfront. That totals $166 with HST. With the history I've had I was confident in making the switch. My decision was also helped that the monthly charges for cable, getting double the speed, is actually CHEAPER than the DSL (with dry loop).

I had coordinated an install time with Teksavvy and the Rogers Tech showed up early for the installation and it was done quickly and easily. Although he was really trying to rush me and almost left before I could get him to staple in some loose cables. Good ol' Rogers!

Since installed the speed has been great but not perfect. I'm getting an average of 1230 KB/s. That translates to 9.6Mbit/s, so almost up to the max 10Mbit/s advertised.

However during peak hours I'm only getting around 5-7Mbit/s, so hopefully they increase the nodes in my area sooner than later.

So far I'm satisfied with the switch over, getting double the speed for essentially the same price. I would recommend anyone on Rogers that downloads over their bandwidth caps to come to Teksavvy, they will not regret it!


A year later and I am very happy. I upgraded to Extreme about 6 months ago for an extra $6 and it was well worth it. The peak hour issues I mentioned before weren't an issue for long. However over the last 4 months there have been some peak hour issues popping up again. I am not really bothered by them though as speeds are still good.

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