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Six Month Rating

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Review by JoJoBlue See Profile

  • Location: Scarborough,ON
  • Cost: $41 per month
  • Install: about 11 days
Good "Better price, usage caps, more communication from upper staff"
Bad "Setup a potential nightmare, recurring congestion issues"
Overall "You'll save money, but problems may take a long time to resolve"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I decided to make the switch from Rogers to Teksavvy about a month ago. At that time, $166 (modem+shipping, activation fee, first month of express) were immediately collected (you'd somewhat think maybe they'd wait until you're actually activated before collecting the first month fee). My disconnection from Rogers and activation date with Teksavvy was set to 3 days ago. At the time I write this, I have not been activated yet. Therefore, this is only a partial review right now, but my first impression so far is pretty bad.

Today is the 3rd dispatch date, but no one has come over yet, nor have I received any information pertaining to why no one has come over. I have called support about this. One rep suggested that it may take 5 business days. Another rep stated that the problem is currently unknown, but they would contact me when they find out. This is not exactly all that encouraging to hear.

Hopefully I will be activated soon and my experiences with Teksavvy will change for the better. After all, switching back to Rogers now would likely mean I lose a portion if not all of that $166 I paid as well as requiring another activation fee for Rogers as I have already been disconnected.

Update September 9, 2010,

Well, I'm still not connected yet, but at least it looks like the problem has been somewhat identified. It seems like it has something to do with Rogers thinking my modem is theirs, even though I was using a different rental modem from them when I was with them. I will compliment the fact that they have several ways of contacting them, and even a call at 2AM will be answered. Although, it seemed their phones were down last night, which wasn't so good. The people answering have generally been either friendly; apathetic at worst. While apathy isn't that great for customer relations, it's better than some of the calls I've had to make to Rogers or Bell where they either seemed like they were annoyed or angry from the very beginning. My dad did seem frustrated about his one call to TSI, but since he was frustrated to begin with, and not exactly friendly when he called, it's quite possible that was the cause.

One thing I would have liked better though is if they contacted me (in this case, since I don't have internet, phoning would be nice) when they found out something was wrong, or when they found out what the problem was. It's a bit troublesome for me to have to call TSI regularly (recently about once every 2-3 days), be put on hold for 5-30 minutes each time, explain the whole situation to a different rep who doesn't know what the problem is, and usually get little to no new/useful information. And, I'm pretty sure it's a waste of their resources too, since the reps have to listen to my story, check up my account, see if they can find out what's happening, etc.

Update September 11, 2010,

I've received news that service should be up. But, as of the time I left home, it is still not working. Hopefully it won't be another big deal, and I will be able to get everything working when I get home.

Update September 14, 2010,

After talking to TSI on Saturday night, a Rogers dispatch was prepared for today. The dispatch has just left. While waiting for the service transfer problem, a Rogers employee had come along. Apparently, he actually disconnected my line, so the tech sent today had to reconnect it.

So far, my modem stats look good, and I am getting essentially full speeds. Speedtest.net indicates I'm getting 9.7/0.51. My profile is 10/0.5.

I will update this review again when I find out new details such as billing, line stability, etc.

Update October 30, 2010,

So far, my speeds have been fairly consistent. Although, every so often (3 times so far), my ping will get really high for about 1-4 hours. Somewhere around 200-1000ms. Of course, tracert indicates that it's a local problem rather than a TSI problem, so one can hardly blame them. I am hoping they might get in touch with Rogers to take a look at it though. But, since the problem happens so randomly and for relatively short intervals in terms of time to contact TSI, TSI to contact Rogers, Rogers to look into it, I wonder if it might be difficult to arrange.

Update January 4, 2011,

For much of December and up to the present, throughput has been terrible for everyone on the McNicoll Phub during peak hours. People who should be getting 10-15Mbps download are getting 1-3Mbps during evening hours and weekends.

Upgrades are supposed to happen to the McNicoll Phub again sometime in early January. Hopefully, this will fix the problem. But apparently, this problem already occurred before in July/August. First time, one might let things off since everything is new and unknown/unpredictable. But, it's not so easy to excuse them when the same problem has been allowed to happen again in such a short time for such a long duration.

Update January 13, 2011

The upgrades were done yesterday and speeds went back to normal. Let us hope it stays this way indefinitely.

Update March 20, 2011

Started to notice from around February 28 that I wasn't hitting 10mbps during peak hours. At that time, this was only really noticeable for at most 1 hour each day. But, it's starting to get quite a bit noticeable on the McNicoll Phub as time goes by. During peak hours, especially revolving around 10pm and even moreso on weekends, speeds may drop as low as 3-5mbps. There is hearsay that upgrades are supposed to happen in the next 2 weeks, but I haven't heard anything about this issue directly from a TSI staff yet.

Update April 18, 2011

TSI has finally decided to stop accepting new sign-ups until the congestion issues are relieved. I believe this is a good decision, although one that should have been taken earlier. This means that congestion shouldn't continue to get worse for the time-being, although congestion speeds have already dropped to about 1mbps or lower at its worst. TSI has also gotten around to explaining the situation in detail, although it appears Rogers is still having trouble with the upgrades.

Update April 23, 2011

Finally, the 2gig upgrades have been done on McNicoll. I haven't personally had a chance to test it yet, but others on the forum have stated that they are now getting the speeds they should be getting even during peak hours. Hopefully the 3rd gig connection will also be connected sometime soon, and we won't end up congested again. If everything goes well after a few months, I might move connection reliability back up to full points.

Another good news is that apparently wait times for calling Teksavvy support is back down from the hours of waiting to almost no wait time, and expected to stay this way. I haven't called in recently, so it hasn't affected me personally, but it's nice to know that if I do need to call in, it shouldn't be too bad.

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