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Six Month Rating

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Review by buttaknife See Profile

  • Location: Etobicoke,ON
  • Cost: $62 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Fast speeds and latency, well-priced, great usage limits (200gb), good customer service; ExtremePro - Fast and unlimited!"
Bad "Upload speeds leave something to be desired (even at 1mbit); cable starting can be pricey considering activation/modem purchase"
Overall "If you need fast, affordable internet with SANE usage limits and great customer service, TekSavvy is the way to go."
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Extreme Cable Pro Update:

$62.09 is the price for this tier, after HST.

I recently ordered TekSavvy Extreme Cable Pro (switching from Express) and I wanted to align the start of the service with the beginning of my next billing cycle and they got it pretty much spot on. Within 5 days I was up and running on the new tier. A day or two later, I decided (was not necessary) to upgrade from my Surfboard 5100 to the Surfboard 6120 in order to futureproof myself and take advantage of DOCSIS 3 channel bonding. From day of order, it took 2 days to reach my local postal outlet.

I went to pick it up and when I came home, I missed a call from TekSavvy. I called them back to find out what the call was about and apparently, they were calling me to let me know that my new modem had been activated and for me to connect and power cycle it. I'll admit, this was the only thing that kind of caught me by surprise, as I thought I needed to call in to manually get it activated in place of the other modem. Despite that, it was a relatively painless transition.

Only bad point overall, I guess, is the fact that they can't get it shipped straight to the door for some reason (the modem).

Express Cable

Price: $41.75 after HST

Process was easy and painless. I was planning a move and called in to terminate my DSL service with TekSavvy for my move-out date. I wanted to try the new Cable Internet services from TekSavvy and called in to schedule a future install date at the new property. I was able to use an old 5100 modem that I bought when I was with Rogers years ago.

A couple days before install date, I got a call to remind me of the day and time frame of the Rogers' tech install visit. The date/time came and the Rogers tech showed up; checked the cables at the intended install location, hooked up my modem to the cable and presto, it was up and running. Well, not right away - for a few minutes I was stuck at the Rogers "gateway" page before it finally let me access the rest of the internet. google.com also redirected to the Rogers' web portal for a couple of hours but rectified itself thereafter.

Can't say I have any complaints. Speeds are nice (download), especially with the boost of speeds for the first 10 seconds or so. My latency is also pretty good and I have not noticed any time of day performance issues yet.

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