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Review by c_gadfly See Profile

  • Location: Etobicoke,ON
  • Cost: $45 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "saved from the Bell"
Overall "best experience ever - you will not regret it (until Rogers makes you regret it)"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
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-edit- originally from February 2011

Signed up for 10/0.5 and speedtests so far show 15/0.5. Bought DOCSIS 3.0 modem SB6120 for $99.

Saves me from Bell DSL with its 2.5M speed. Even though I had a unlimited grandfathered plan with Bell.

Modem came in 2 days. Had to wait for Rogers tech to come give his blessing. Before the tech visit, the modem showed bonding to downstream channels but no IP address. As soon as he "finished" his work presumably by letting Rogers know that the job is finished, the modem got an IP address. All he did was add a splitter near the cable modem and checked the signal strength. I wish TekSavvy would clarify that part about when exactly is the modem activated and by whom (in my case it was after the Rogers Tech visit was officially over).

-edit- upgraded to 25/2.

-edit- August 2013 - prime time congestion, fiber cuts, botched ATPIA migration has made me change my review slightly towards the downside.

-edit- December 2014 - prime time congestion is back.

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TSI Ashleigh
Chatham, ON


Hello C-Gadfly,

Thank you for this review. I’m happy you have been enjoying the service and that the installation had gone smoothly for you. This is great to read. When placing an order we do inform the customers that the service can take up to midnight to be activated this gives our vendor enough time to complete the work order and ensure everything is connected for our customers.

Are you currently having a service issue? I see in your update you have mentioned that congestion, fibre cuts and the migration have made you change your TekSavvy rating.
If there is anything we can look into for you please feel free to message us directly in the Direct Forum »TekSavvy Direct. We are always happy to help.

Thank you again for this review.

TSI Ashleigh - E-Services.
Authorized TekSavvy Employee