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Review by jibby See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost: $57 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 11 days
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Bad "installation went a bit rocky, had long term congestion"
Overall "good value and customer service"
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My review got quite long so i figured I'd replace it with a cliffs notes version:

Install was rocky, and i had congestion issues that lasted for 9+ months. Teksavvy did their best to keep submitting tickets which Rogers would constantly close with 'modem online' which was very frustrating.

Teksavvy made a great effort to keep me happy, even went as far as sending me a new Teksavvy hat after i threw mine away in frustration during the troubles. Customer service was excellent, although i felt like their hands were tied as there seemed to be no escalation process with Rogers so it was and endless loop of open/close tickets. The only thing that kept me with Teksavvy is their earnest desire to try to help - even when they were at the mercy of the incumbents.

Eventually Rogers upgraded the CMTS on my node (although they never admitted to any problems beforehand) and for the last year or so, my connection has been rock solid and I've been very happy...

Until the last few weeks, when packet loss (up to 50% loss) started and now I'm dreading the rather lengthy process of opening a ticket and hoping Rogers actually tries to fix the problem rather than just close my ticket because my modem is still online.

Although I've always been happy with Teksavvy and their customer service, in my opinion Rogers provides them with sub-par tools to troubleshoot, and to open a ticket one must go through an insane amount of tedious, mostly pointless form-filling which will most likely be ignored when (IF?) Rogers actually looks at the ticket.

I'm hoping that it doesn't take weeks or even months of tickets before this issue is resolved, like it did the last time. I'm not going to wait months again for a fix - if it isn't resolved quickly, I'll unfortunately have to switch back to an incumbent who can address issues in a more timely manner.

Fingers crossed - will update my review if/when there is a resolution.

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TSI Andre
Got TekSavvy?
Chatham, ON

I want to help...

Good morning Jibby,

I apologize that the installation was not as flawless as we both would of hoped for.

As for the slow speeds, I wish I could of had this fixed much sooner however we are seeing lots of issues on the Rogers side for this POI and another POI as well. This issue has been on and off and just recently we have escalated this further to the Rogers side...

I would like to have a tech call you to make sure all has been done on our end for you.

Can you please PM me the best contact number and time to have someone call you?


TSI Andre - TekSavvy Solutions Inc.
Regional Assistant Director of Operations
Authorized TSI Employee ( »TekSavvy FAQ »Official support in the forum )
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TSI Martin
Chatham, ON

Thanks for the Update

Glad to see thing got sorted out & you are still going strong.

TSI ShawnS
Chatham, ON

Re: review

Hello jibby,

Thank you for your review,

We are working with our vendor to have this issue resolved. We have originally opened a Slow speeds ticket. Our vendor responded stating that there is a Signal issue and to resubmit a ticket. We have done so. We are now awaiting a response to the latest ticket that was submitted earlier today.

As soon as we have an update we will let you know via our ticket status updates.

Thank you,
Shawn S
TSI ShawnS (E-Services) - TekSavvy Solutions Inc.
Authorized TSI employee (»»TekSavvy FAQ »Official support in the forum )
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