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Six Month Rating

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Review by ajhaji See Profile

  • Location: North York,ON
  • Cost: $43 per month
Good "High usage caps, no throttling, management that actually cares."
Bad "Due to congestion issues, speeds are consistently slower than advertised."
Overall "Until congestion issues are resolved, I can't recommend them."
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My Other Reviews

·AEI Internet
TekSavvy is a great company that really cares about its customers. They have taken every initiative to protect our interests, most notably in the battle against Bell imposing caps on wholesale customers. I applaud TekSavvy for this and want to continue to support them in their endeavors.

But I simply can't. Due to severe congestion on the cable network in many parts of Ontario, my TekSavvy Internet service is almost unusable during the hours I use it. The only time I can get the advertised speed is during the day, when I'm at school. Using it in the evening and at night is an exercise in patience.

Granted, the root of the problem is Rogers' inability (or unwillingness) to implement needed upgrades to the network infrastructure. I can't fault TekSavvy for this, but ultimately it's TekSavvy that I'm paying, and it's TekSavvy that isn't living up to its end of the bargain. So I'm jumping ship. For now.

I've switched to Bell, at least for the next few months. (I bought a prepaid grab-and-go kit from Dell at a great price.) Hopefully TekSavvy will be able to get the issues fixed soon, at which point I will gladly rejoin the TekSavvy fold. Until then, I have no choice but to go with a service that works all of the time, and despite how much I hate them, Bell is that choice. (After my promotional period with Bell ends, if TekSavvy is still having issues with their cable Internet service I may go with their high-speed DSL instead.)

TekSavvy, I wish you luck in your efforts to get things under control. I hope to be back very, very soon.

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