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Review by geokilla See Profile

  • Location: North York,ON
  • Cost: $47 per month
  • Install: about 999 days
Good "300GB usage cap. Unlimited usage between 2am and 8am. At the moment, no problems."
Bad "Gotta contact Teksavvy via Direct Forums. Unlimited usage between 2am to 8am"
Overall "Not recommended. Too many problems for many new and existing customers."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I was previously a Rogers Express cable Internet customer and I didn't want to pay Rogers more for less. Their 60GB and 80GB (usage insurance) cap wasn't cutting it for me. Luckily, my contract ended and I owned my modem, so I was able to set up a transfer to Teksavvy for their Extreme cable service. When I submitted my order, I didn't receive anything from Teksavvy, so I was in the dark. I was forced to contact Teksavvy via the Direct Forums to figure out what was going on and if everything was fine. Luckily it was.

Being a transfer customer, I expected some downtime. I was originally scheduled to have my Teksavvy Extreme service activated on March 2, 2011, but it didn't come online until March 3 because Rogers had not released my DPC2100R2 modem yet. However I was able to get excellent support from the Teksavvy Direct Forums. If I didn't know about DSL Reports, I probably would've been quite annoyed with the technical support and service I was receiving.

Anyways, my Teksavvy service has been up and running for 10 days now, which I think is enough time to give a review. Despite using a DOCSIS 2.0 modem, I'm getting better speeds than when I was on Rogers Express. However as expected, there's a bit of congestion during peak hours. This is probably due to the fact that I'm using a DOCSIS 2.0 modem, and that there are a lot of new Teksavvy users causing congestion at the POI (phubs?). As far as reliability goes, well everything is pretty smooth. Haven't experienced any disconnecting issues or anything like that. I hope it stays this way too, but since we're at the mercy of Rogers, anything can happen.


A lot of congestion now. I'm getting nowhere close to my 15/1 speeds that I'm paying for. Getting more like 2/1. I understand the problem and the congestion, but I'm starting to get sick and tired of this. Teksavvy needs to act quick or they're going to lose customers, especially less knowledgeable ones.


Teksavvy keeps on blaming Rogers for the lack of POI upgrades when it was Teksavvy that oversubscribed and now the POIs are congested. They are saying how it's Rogers who are not doing the upgrades as scheduled and that they cannot do anything about it but to contact them via e-mail because it is the only method allowed. Well Teksavvy needs to do something about it. I am paying Teksavvy for a service, not Rogers. The staff I have dealt with here are very knowledgeable and nice, but it just annoys me when I don't get what I paid for.

UPDATE OCTOBER 17, 2012 (?)

Been a while since the POI upgrades and while speeds have improved, I'm still not getting the full speeds I'm paying for.


Another update. I have been on ATPIA on their 25/2 service for quite some time now. I also updated to a Motorola SB6120 a long time ago. Basically everything is going relatively well for me, so I consider myself lucky. My neighbours down the street are having constant problems with Teksavvy Internet. A while back, I was facing ping spikes in SC2 at night and Teksavvy claimed everything was fine. Because they claimed everything was fine, it must be fine! Then suddenly, these ping spikes disappeared and all is well again. Not impressed with what I'm receiving from Teksavvy in terms of customer support.

UPDATE December 2, 2014

Nightly slowdowns for the past two months. Been given the usual runaround on how they are fixing the problem, or want us to do a 2 hour troubleshooting process. I'm not the only one having ping spikes and slowdowns every night. No solution in sight. This is getting pathetic. Attached is a screenshot of my ping spikes while attempting to play SC2.

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no problems here

I wonder if you are in a particular high usage group....for lack of a better description. I stream movies every night with no problem.....and I know most of my neighbours are using Rogers Cable.

I always have my Laptop on at the same time we am streaming movies....plus I have TekSavvy's home phone service...so sometimes we are using all 3 at the same time with no problems.

Is there a way for Rogers/TekSavvy to do a little load balancing for your area? I am not techie...so this is just an idea.

North York, ON

Re: no problems here

They told me to wait. Been waiting on and off for months..

Ontario User


Re: no problems here

I have similar experience as you. It has been almost 3 weeks, they haven't solved my problem yet. Sometime the speed is slow and lots of service interruptions with the past 3 weeks. All they do is keep repeating asking you for information.