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Review by KPaul See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost: $50 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Good price, customer service"
Bad "Transfer from rogers to TSI was bad due to lack of communication and lack of accountability on rogers end"
Overall "Was a strong supporter of their service, now, with all the issues and problems over the last month, it's hard to"
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Install Co-ordination:
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Update as of September 17th, 2013
TSI has gone above and beyond on what to help a customer means. I have been given months of support, even though my issue is not to do with their service (it's rogers that's screwing things up). Should have always assumed that, but as a customer, you go after who you pay generally.

Glad I stuck around.

Update as of June 29th, 2013
ATPIA has bunged up my connection, and it isn't being fixed due to rogers not helping out TSI. As a techy guy, I understand. As a customer and consumer, I'm not happy with this. Wonky speeds, and inconsistent connections.

Update as of Jan 25th, 2013
Perfect speeds, perfect connections, though ANY downtime I have had, it has always been Rogers, and not TSI. Needless to say, a few issues have been on my end that I fixed by trouble shooting, and the rest were with Rogers.

Update as of Sept. 26th 2011
»[Cable] London slowdowns?
Posted this in the forums with 2011-09-08 as the date noted. There wasn't a single TSI person to reply to this until a week after... This is a HUGE issue that has affected hundreds of people, and NOTHING seems to have mattered until someone finally clued in. I am disappointed with how this has been handled, and how service has been, as well as communication (lack of) from official people. I am disappointed as a customer.


I signed up a month prior to being given an activation time, due to my rogers monthly payment being delayed... anyways, basics are Thursday rogers cut's out, Friday was supposed to be the TSI hookup. Didn't happen. rogers slipped, several times, letting TSI know about my activation, my transfer, random other errors......... It was a giant pain to get internet since it was a transfer, and my original modem had to be released (recommend getting a new modem if time's a factor).

Other than that issue, the service is amazing, and the customer service people are always willing to help (though sometimes sound less than enthused about helping... quite annoying given that rogers reps. sound happier).

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updated 1.5 years ago


Old Martin

Thanks for the Update

Glad to hear things have been working properly for you.

TSI Jonathan


Thanks for the updated review KPaul. It means a lot and we are happy that you are sticking around. I know Andre is looking after your account and you are in great hands. We'll do our best to keep you as our customer



Re: Update

No need for the thanks, your guys work justifies a good review. And I'm sure it'll get better too