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Six Month Rating

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Review by greenrosetta See Profile

  • Location: Squamish,BC
  • Cost: $36 per month
  • Install: about 12 days
Good "Well worth switching to."
Bad "nothing bad"
Overall "Good value for $"
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Connection Reliability:
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Value for money:
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Teksavvy cable in BC, From what I had read there was no issues (in BC) with this isp from pre-order to up and running. Well not so, pre-order with sales staff 10/10, tech support when not hooked up on time, lets just say first tech unable to provide connection (2.5/10 tried but failed). Ultimately had to pass my account to a Shaw specialist within Teksavvy tech support 24hrs later, I decided not to wait and called Shaw themselves and inquired what happened to the smooth transition I was promised. The Shaw support team for Teksavvy connections said they had never received an email to hookup my connection, thats 10 days of notice and no heads up? A glitch indeed, so much for planning ahead, my connection for Teksavvy was made by Shaw support team, but I was told that do not call us again for support please call Teksavvy. Ok up and running so time to hook up my netgear wndr3700 router and called Teksavvy support for some insight on this no ip address scenario, to my surprise the tech csr was very unhelpful and interrupted me at least five times through my inquires, not good. There will always be one bad apple in the crowd but thats two failed attempts for tech support, not impressed but I will let it go due to the fact that this connection is presently working better than the Shaw connection I just had disconnected from. To go back to the router, Netgear themselves were unable to assist me in getting it up and running, engineer I spoke with did not have english as a first language and consistently said FINE whenever things did not work, she finally said unable to assist. So searching online I found the following that helped me get the router to function as it should, (How to change the DHCP server subnet of a netgear router-necessary if you have a Nat modem). Well none of that made any sense to my knowledge of internet connections but it worked, If someone cares to explain what that is go for it but I am not an engineer so try laments terms. Oh yeah I am using the motorola sb5102 modem, same modem that Shaw uses in BC. So here we are and my Teksavvy connection works well during non-peak hours, 25mbps down and 2.5mbps up with 300gb cap. I have noticed that during 4pm to midnite the advertised speeds are not what the pro package is but I thought that this would be the case with Shaws saturated or congested infrastructure, still way better than Shaws connection, as for torrents use I have for the first time ever hit 2mbps download speed-WOW!

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