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Review by chipface See Profile

  • Location: London,ON
  • Cost: $42 per month
Good "no throttling and higher caps for cheaper"
Bad "start up costs are high"
Overall "If it's available in your area, get it,"
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·Rogers Hi-Speed
I had been with Rogers for about 10 years and about a year ago I got dinged big time by overage charges one month. Since then I'd hoped more ISPs would emerge so I could switch.

About 2 months ago I noticed a Teksavvy ad in a bus shelter on my way home from work. Checked them out, found out they were available in my area so about 2 weeks later I ordered the express service.

I got the modem about 2 days after I ordered. And on the day it was supposed to activate, I just plugged in the modem and was good.

What's great is they don't throttle torrents so you can have them finish in no time if there are enough seeders. I was having some things download at 1MB/second which I've never seen before. And not only that, you have a 300gb cap as well which I'd imagine would be difficult to reach so you can actually go with Netflix if you were considering it and not worry. Also, no DNS redirects if you mistype a URL.

The only drawback for me is the high startup costs, you have to buy the modem, pay an activation fee of $65(which they knock $20 off if you buy the modem from them), and pay the first month in one fell swoop. But to get away from Robbers though, it's worth it.

If Teksavvy is available in your area, you should make the switch.

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TSI Alan
Chatham, ON

Thanks For Your Review

Thanks for your review - and welcome to the TekSavvy family!

Glad to hear the switch has been a positive experience for you.

Let us know if there is ever anything we can assist you with.

TSI Alan (E-Services) - TekSavvy Solutions Inc.
Authorized TSI employee
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Hung Dao


Roger over usage

Move in to my new address since Aug 2013 got the promotion from my builder 6 month free of 150gb/month with rogers. after six month I had to pay around $600 on top of the free service ,because mostly every month my usage was over 50gb to 60gb that I could not track. Then i pumped up my usage to 300gb which is double the previous cap, I believed that I have a large gap to the cap for safety??? can you image that I still received 60gb over of my 300gb cap some time... what the...
So I called to cancel the service to GET AWAY from Rogers, they will disconnect my service this Nov 11, 2014. I will come back with Teksavvy, the internet provider that I used before I switched to Rogers. With 300gb at Teksavvy I never had gone over usage.