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Six Month Rating

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Review by TwiztedZero See Profile

  • Location: Toronto,ON
  • Cost: $70 per month
  • Install: about 23 days
Good "DSLr Direct Support Online & Able to pay via Online Banking."
Bad "Dupont POI appears slow at some peak times. *improving though*"
Overall "I Heart My TSI Service so far now. Going on 6th month."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Found out about TekSavvy indirectly while looking for options to buy my own modem to go with my spanking new WNDR3700v1 Netgear router and happened upon both the SB6120 & TekSavvy via DSL reports. At this point I'd decided this might be the ISP I've been looking for.

Spent a few months watching the TekSavvy Threads on DSLr from as far back as April 2011 and liking what I saw in spite of other negativities, being particularly impressed by higher ups like Rocky & Marc and their no nonsense hands on approach to customer service and the pro consumer stance they take with the CRTC on UBB as well as the various things enabled on TSI that you won't find on other ISP's like running your own server for instance (something I've been wanting

to do on the hobby side). And so I sent in an inquiry about payment methods, and signing up online. Got good answers, and went from there.

Put my order in on the 31st of August, 2011 - and it got cleared fairly soon after. No need to use a phone. Though this presented a problem with the hook up techs for the physical connection; order was rejected for lack of a tel number. Resolved this through oodles of patience via the TekSavvy Direct forum. 2nd install date came on Sept. 20 and I met the line tech contractor from Link-On out front, had him come up and throw on a nice spanking new RG6; and watched him physically affix the orange TPIA tag before he left.

Ran a few tracerts determined that I'm indeed on the Dupont POI, then some speedtests both on speedtest.net and DSLr ... considering I'm still on the SB612X- 25+Mbps in the afternoons have been ok, though at night it drops considerably down around 1+Mpbs at times. I'll be keeping an eye on that over the next few weeks. No idea if that'll change when I get the SB_KOMODO- firmware pushed to me, hopefully soon. But I'm hopeful once the POI upgrades are done, and everythings working smooth again things will be much better after November. So for now, Imma be patient. This is only DAY 2 of using TekSavvy; and I'm willing to stay the course through thick & thin, come whatever may.

Current Major Issues: As outlined in TSI Blog: »blogs.teksavvy.com/2011/12/09/ma···ndwidth/ re: Dupont POI

* Sept 24- 2:30 A.M.: SB_KOMODO- firmware was pushed to me. GREAT! So that puts me on the 24/1 profile, I think.

New price hikes announced Jan 2012: TSI Extreme Cable Pro Unlimited to be $70 including tax for an unlimited 24Mbps/1Mbps profile. ($7.91 raise from $62.09)

* The new prices went into effect Feb. 2, 2011. TSI Extreme Cable Pro Unlimited $61.95+ Ontario HST 13% $8.05: Total: $70.00

February 24, 2012 one new 1GigE link was activated at the Dupont POI after a legnthly delay of several months, with a second 1GigE expected to go live any day now since they installed both at the same time, Bringing the Dupon POI to I think a total of four GigE links.

* There is still a stop sell on Dupont POI at this time, it may be lifted in the near future, I'm hopeful that if and when that happens new upgrade GigE links will be on the way so we don't end up going through the congestion and long wait times again.

* Rogers is again upgrading the network speeds, so we are anticipating another bump up to 28Mbps down with the same 1Mbps upstream on the Extreme Pro tier probably sometime in March, or maybe longer for TSI subs, keep an eye on the forum for more details.

Is keeping a .txtfile record of speedtests on speedtest.net and TekSavvy speedtests both for references; I run these at random times.

Thanks go out to all the TSI staff that assisted me in getting up & running. Kudos!

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