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Six Month Rating

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Review by tonytoronto See Profile

  • Location: Toronto,ON
  • Cost: $47 per month
Good "Ah, yeah before they were great"
Bad "Greed, horrible hold times, cs sucks."
Overall "No longer recommended, stay away."
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Connection Reliability:
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Value for money:
(ratings well below consensus)

Well, they were the best in the business, they have turned into one of the worst.overselling seems to be the new way doing business, it's got to the point wind data service faster and more reliable. Not sure what happened to them, but seems greed as taken over. customer service hold times brutal, the more they oversell the more people will call. The thoushounds of people say they wired will never be enough when service has gone to shit the way it has. 15mb payed service to get 1-2 mb at best, at times can't even load simple websites. From one that religiously recommended them, now asking you stay away. Until they change the way they do business, look somewhere else. Blaming Rogers no longer works, it's your network, you the one sending me invoices, not Rogers. It's not the local node that's congested, my neighbor has no problems hitting 50mb when I can even surf the web.

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bronx cheers from cheap seats
Mississauga, ON

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Edit: I was in a bad mood and wrote on my own feelings lol. 8 of my servers went down and then trying to write is a bad idea.

So i removed my post

Toronto, ON

Not Recommended!

TekSavvy is not what it used to be. For anyone who is reading this, please stay way if you want to watch even 360p videos on youtube without buffering for like 1 min!!!!!

North York, ON

Re: Not Recommended!

i struggle to watch youtube videos at night too also on Acanac cable..[at night] [sept 25th 2011 7 35pm] what options are there left?


Re: Not Recommended!

Honestly? None! We just have to live it. We live in one of the richest and most prosperous countries on earth, and Teksavvy/Acanac are the best we will ever pull off.

And really, why keep switching? It costs you money every time and it requires you to take a few hours off-work just so some guy can tinker around in a box in your apartment building then leaving 10 minutes later...and it's ALL garbage.

^ This is not a product of anger by the way, this is a realization I had way after I accepted that Teksavvy is as bad as the rest of them.


Toronto, ON

Re: Not Recommended!

But that's the thing, they weren't! You could call and talk to someone in less than 3 phone rings that was able to help you, now you waiting hours on end for someone to read you a script. Not sure why they decided to go this way, but it's not helping them one bit. They will keep blaming Bell and Rogers, but at some point they will have to admit this they own doing, they know full well how long it takes for upgrades to happen, they should plan accordingly. Its more based on greed now, lets signup as many as we can, knowing full well they can't serve them. Humm, that's out of a page Bell's book.

Chuck sTruck


I still blame Rogers

Until Rogers lets the moths out of the wallet and actually spends money i will always blame Rogers. One has only to look at cable internet in the rest of the world and nearly keel over at how bad Rogers runs things in this country.

Toledo, OH

Re: I still blame Rogers

How can you blame Rogers when its TK's network that the customer is connecting to? TK provides and pays for the bandwidth those customers use on the cable network. They have NOTHING To do with Rogers except for the last mile and the switching equipment to make it possible for the POI.

TK issues a stop-sell for cable - yet they still keep signing people up. And there is SOLID proof of that here on BBR. TK is only about the $$ and nothing else anymoe. There was a time that i could say it would be interesting to see them do business in the US but not any more.