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Review by zetec452 See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost: $42 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Good price, mostly decent service."
Bad "Growing pains. Lack of communication when things break."
Overall "80% of the time everything is fine."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
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UPDATE: 19/03/2013. For the second time in two months my connection has been down for over 12 hours. The incident with car accident and fiber is unfortunate but very disruptive. As of today I've had no internet since 8:30pm and as of this morning it is still down. Unfortunately I'm in a position whereby I feel another provider will provide a better service.

Further Edit: It appears this latest issue is the result of DHCP issues. DHCP issues seem to a fairly common to Teksavvy, researching on the forums illustrates DHCP issues for at least 12 months.

UPDATE: 03/2012. Well unfortunately I seem to be having more problems with Teksavvy. My connection will disconnect every 2-4 hours. A very standard ticket response asking if I had TCP/IP installed and whether my computer was installed in it's original location was frankly pathetic. Unfortunately I am losing confidence in Teksavvy's ability to provide a good cable service and am seeking alternatives.

Final reivew of my ticket was to keep an eye on the logs and provide them feedback. No offer of extra help or recognition of any form of problem. Very unfortunate. They have grown too fast and have lost the customer service they are renowned for.


Teksavvy were really great until recently with issues in the London area (and other areas). They have demonstrated very poor customer communication in dealing with these issues, in which the default answer is "blame Rogers". Customer support has been OK with some long wait times in busy periods.

Teksavvy are going through some growing pains and I hope the management team improve customer communication and business planning as so they can try and avoid the issues recently experienced. It appears that Teksavvy are overselling and having to order upgrades via Rogers causing slowdown's in peak hours. Some stop orders have been seen and while I appreciate new business is key I would hope Teksavvy are forecasting upgrades in a more efficient manner going forward for existing customers.

Upon ordering I was not advised that I would start paying for the service right away. Unaware of this I waited 14 days for my previous internet connection to end prior to starting with Teksavvy. Had I known I was paying for the Teksavvy service anyway I would have requested a earlier installation date.

The order process other than that was concise and professional. Installation went smoothly with a Rogers tech attending site to ensure the cable connection was OK.

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Old Martin

Cable woes.


Very sorry to hear about your issues.

Would you mind sending me a PM? Old Martin See Profile

I'll have a look at your situation.